rachel brendon kiss big brother 13 'Big Brother 13's' Brendon Villegas would like to see Adam and Rachel in the finalsBrendon Villegas was evicted from the “Big Brother” house for the third time in two years Thursday night (Aug. 18). He tells Zap2it about his second go-round this season.

Were you surprised America voted you back in?

“I was very surprised and even more surprised it was over a million votes.”

Why do you think Daniele went back on the deal she had re-made with you and Rachel?

“Because no matter what Daniele told me I know that she was most threatened by me out of all the people left in the house. She probably thought that she would not have another opportunity to get me out of the house as easily as she did this time.”

Were you surprised Jeff and Jordan didn’t campaign harder for you to stay? It seemed like they just rolled over to stick with the majority of the house.

“No – because I know Jeff had struck a deal with Daniele and no matter what Jeff and Jordan told me I know they were always going to be afraid of me remaining in the game as a competitor.”

Who is the strongest player in the house right now?

“Definitely Rachel. She will always stand up for what she believes in and isn’t going to be swayed by a majority.”

Who is the weakest?

“Jordan is definitely the weakest player in the game. She is not a strong competitor and really doesn’t try very hard even when she needs to.”

Who do you hope to see sitting next to Rachel at the finale? (We’re assuming you’re rooting for Rachel to get to the finals.)

“I would love to see Adam make it far just because he is a huge fan of the game and watching him make it all the way would be like watching somebody’s wishes come true.”

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