kalia bb 13 interview 'Big Brother 13's' Kalia: 'Rachel is probably the strongest person left'
Kalia Booker was evicted from the “Big Brother 13” house, the first of two during this double eviction week. She tells Zap2it about her time in the game.

Are you glad you did ‘Big Brother?’ Was it everything you hoped/expected it would be?

“I am so happy I did Big Brother. It is a show that I’ve watched for
years and years and years. So to actually play was a goal of mine. It
was what I expected in that I expected it to be very hard. But it was
way more turbulent than I would have ever guessed.”

Did you feel the Veterans being in the house was unfair to the newbies?

“It depends on how you look at it. Daniele was a vet and she gave me a
wealth of information when I played with her. But it was hard on the
newbies because we had an uphill battle the entire time and the vets
already knew how to play.”

How did you feel about the re-institution of the Duo twist after Pandora’s Box?

“I got jacked from the duo twist the first time, how would it be any
different the second time. It came at the worst possible time.”

Who is the strongest player in the house right now?

“The strongest player left, really, is Rachel. All personal aside, Rachel
is probably the strongest person left in the game right now.”

“Big Brother” is down to its Final 3 – you can get live HOH competition updates here.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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