porsche briggs big brother 'Big Brother 13's' Porsche: Brendon was promising the jury things for Rachel votesPorsche Briggs was one vote away from winning “Big Brother 13.” She tells Zap2it she was surprised a little at Shelly’s vote and that Rachel is as crazy as she comes across on TV.

Was “Big Brother” everything you hoped it would be?

“Absolutely. It was definitely a crazy experience and a lot of fun. The competitions, you see them on TV and you think it can’t be that crazy in real life and then you get out there and it’s just awesome.”

Would you have taken Rachel to the finals if you’d won the final HOH?

“Yes, I would have. In ‘Big Brother’ you only have your deals in this game and towards the end, me and Rachel were really counting on each other’s deals to help pulls us through. If I had gone back on that, I would’ve lost the Brendon/Rachel vote and knowing how Jeff and Jordan were close to Adam, I knew they wouldn’t vote for me over him.  Rachel definitely competed her heart out in this competition.”

Were you surprised at Shelly’s vote? We were a little surprised.

“Yeah, I was a little surprised, but I know that Jordan definitely has a big influence on Shelly. Shelly is definitely a follower more than a leader and if she thought she could
get back in good spirits with Jeff and Jordan if she did what they told her to
do, then she would do it. Plus, I have also come to find out that Brendon was promising the sun, moon and stars to people in the jury house if they voted for Rachel.”

What was your strongest move on the game?

“I definitely wouldn’t change much at all, except win more competitions. That’s something I could’ve definitely improved on. I think I handled having the Golden Key really well, I wasn’t making myself too big of a target when I didn’t have the power to defend myself. By taking a back seat for awhile and laying under the radar, I got Jeff to save me the week before I got him out of the house. I definitely think I played a very good game.”

Who will you keep in touch with outside the house?

“I’ll keep in touch with Rachel. Her and I made it through a lot of the craziness at the end together. Adam and I are going to be super close, I know it. And Danielle, she’s awesome. She helped me a lot. She loves the game very, very much and I appreciate her for playing with me for part of it.”

Is Rachel as crazy as she comes across?

“[laughs] Yeah, that’s Rachel. She is all glitter and fiery and crazy, that’s part
of her appeal. You never know what she’s gonna do next. She’ a very
emotional person which transfers to being an emotional player, but you
always pretty much always know how she feels.”

Any final thoughts?

“It’s a once in a lifetime experience. I would definitely repeat it again if I had the chance. You never know what it’s like in that house until you are actually there. It’s a lot harder than a lot of people think, but as long as you play a game that is true to yourself you are going to make it far in the game and be happy with your performance.”

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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