brendonrachel 'Big Brother 13's' Rachel's new HOH blog: 'We are at war'Rachel Reilly was the Head of Household for the second time in the “Big Brother 13” house, which means she has a new HOH blog for her new reign over the house.

Rachel writes:

What a crazy week! In the beginning of the week we were making deals to have Dominic work with us and be part of a final 6deal, to be Danis partner and to knock out the house and then battle to the final 2. Well all that changed, Danielle has been planting seeds of doubt between Brendon and I about Jeff and Jordan. This week we had a luxury comp. and Jordan won and brought Jeff, Shelly and Kaylia to the party? So what were Brendon and I to think but that they MAY be working against us and trying to secure themselves alliances to move forward. This all started last week when Jeff and Jordan nominated Dominic and Adam after we had all decided to target Cassi.

Well Dom won the POV and saved himself, giving him another week to work on proving to Jeff that he can work with us. Jeff finally got on board, but we still were not 100% sure that we had them Danielle kept telling us that Jeff was working for the benefit of himself and not the alliance. We had even heard that Jordan was thinking about back dooming Brendon and I and getting Brendon out. Brendon and I started to believe that, and then the luxury comp. was another slap to us that we just weren’t important to them so Brendon and I decided to start working for our selves, we would try to get our own side alliances and when it came down to it we would be prepared for whatever. So we were contemplating working with Dom&Dani and taking on Jeff and Jordan and switching the final 5plan because we thought that Jeff was so obviously doing that as well. Until the morning of the POV when Danielle came up to Brendon and I and said we needed to allow Dominic to win the POV and that we should backdoor Jeff, THAT RAISED A HUUUUGE RED FLAG FOR ME! Danielle had been mentioned this to us before but it was always maybe we should do this later in a few weeks or maybe we should scare Jeff and Jordan like they did with us last week. I had NEVER really considered back-dooring Jeff this week I listened to Danielle and thought about the options but I wouldn’t have actually carried it out it would be STUPID for us to do that, we have a deal with them, we have a friendship with them, and we have an alliance. Also getting Jeff out of the game makes Brendon the BIGGEST target in the house, no one would try to go for Dominic or Danielle it would be Brendon and I. Theres no game play move that would be a reason to back door Jeff esp. week 3!! And Jeff is on our side!! It started to become clear when Danielle KEPT PUSHING FOR US TO BACK DOOR JEFF WHAT WAS GOING ON! Danielle wants Jeff out of the game for her own purposes. I don’t know the reasoning behind her wanting Jeff out but its obvious that she wants him out, and she’s using Brendon and I to do her dirty work. This is bad in two ways Danielle is turning on our alliance, and she is obviously not thinking about Brendon and I-meaning she’s only trying to benefit herself. We were the underdogs coming in and with Dick leaving had the numbers stacked in the favor of the newbies.

Yet we have pulled it off and even have almost made it to jury with the 5of us. We made a deal and now Danielle who I not only considered an alli but also a friend is turning on our alliance and trying to ruin the alliance from the inside. EWWW! She and Dominic would have had such an easy road to the final 6 and may have even knocked us out before, they had all the opportunities to go far in this game and not even be targets! Now Danielle has ruined our alliance (well the 5 person we still have the 4 person alliance stronger then ever) and Danielle has single handily ruined Dominics game in this house! We can’t trust Dominic and leaving him in the game only leaves a time bomb in the game esp. with Danielle in the game still he could team up with her and take us out. Dominic promises that he would work with us and I believe him he is a competitor and he is a good game player, he made a HUGE mistake but I think he realizes what he did wrong. In my heart I wish I could convince everyone to keep Dominic in the game because he is a competitor and is getting screwed over but now my alliance doesn’t trust him, and thinks that he is a huge liability. So now I would only think that Danielle is going to be against us and we are at war.

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