frank boogie big brother 14 'Big Brother 14': A medic called in, Frank and Boogie are working hardThe “Big Brother 14” house has been fairly exciting lately, coming off Boogie and Frank’s blindside at being nominated. Monday (Aug. 20) should be particularly good, so sign up for the three-day free trial of the live feeds if you want to watch. Also, spoiler alert — this post is about the live feeds.

Sunday, after Frank’s Power of Veto win Saturday afternoon, Froogie went to work on Shane to backdoor Dan. They don’t have that many great arguments, though. Their main one is that it’s such a power move to get out a player like Dan, but that cuts both ways — it’s a power move to get Boogie out of the house too.

Plus, Shane and his alliance know that Frank may be very different to deal with once Boogie is gone. So as of right now, the plan is to put Jenn on the block (because they worry she’s a vote for Boogie to stay if she’s not the re-nom).

If that’s the case, Boogie should be leaving by a vote of at least 4-3, with Joe, Dan, Danielle and Britney ousting him. Ian may vote to keep him so as to not blow their cover, if he feels confident Joe is voting Boogie out. But that is risky. Frank will vote for Boogie to stay, obviously. Ashley is a wild card — she might be “with” Frank now, it’s hard to tell what’s going on in her mind most of the time.

As for other escapades, Ian hurt his ankle playing badminton and they brought a medic into the house. Hopefully he is OK, we aren’t sure at this point. They didn’t like airlift him to the hospital for a compound fracture or anything, but it could affect a physical HOH competition (and we’d love to see Ian win HOH next and have to make snap decisions because it’s a fast-forward).

Stay tuned here Monday for the Power of Veto ceremony results. Froogie is going to make a last-minute appeal to Shane, and Shane is kind of one of the last-one-who-talks-to-me-makes-my-decision players.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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