danielle shane big brother 14 2 'Big Brother 14': A new Final 2 alliance forms in the house?These observations are solely from the “Big Brother 14” live feeds, so don’t keep reading if you don’t want to know. And if you haven’t signed up yet, it’s not too late to get in on all the behind-the-scenes hamster action on the feeds.

So, after Shane won Head of Household on Thursday night’s (July 26) live eviction episode, naturally he and Britney were ecstatic. But so were Dan and Danielle because they’re pretty confident that Shane will not target Danielle (nor should he). It never fails to amaze us when weaker female players are targeted so early on. Could Danielle or Kara be real gamers later in the game? Of course. But at this point, men like Frank and Shane are huge threats to win competitions, so why they are not targeted (and successfully booted) is a mystery.

But anyway. So Shane, just as we predicted in our recap of Thursday’s show, is reticent to nominate Frank because he said last week that he wouldn’t. However, Britney and Danielle manage to talk some sense into him about how Frank is a huge threat and is on one of the teams that still has all its players, so what he needs to do is target one player from Boogie’s team (Frank) and one from Janelle’s team (Wil).

Shane does want to do the honorable thing and give them both a chance to play for Veto (also, a planned backdoor is a lot trickier to pull off since POV players became random draws). But unless Boogie wins Friday’s Coaches Competition and saves Frank, expect to see him nominated alongside Wil.

Meanwhile, Danielle and Shane have really bonded over being the last two remaining players on their respective teams. So much so that they’ve made a Final 2 deal. Whether that works out or not remains to be seen, but it’s great strategy on Shane’s part. Danielle has not proven herself to be much of a gamer, so Shane will have a great argument that he got himself to the end and dragged Danielle along with him. And Danielle is way too concerned about her crush on Shane to care that much — her biggest concern last night on the feeds was whether Shane actually had a showmance (read: hooked up) with JoJo. *headsmack*

Check back here later today for the results of the Coaches Competition (which are kind huge this this week) and then later tonight should be the nominations.

And then possibly expect the stuff to hit the fan in the “Big Brother” house, because we can’t imagine Boogie and Frank will take Frank’s nomination very well. Or sign up for the feeds and watch the fireworks yourself.

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