HOH-alliance-frank-eviction-big-brother.jpgThese are updates from the “Big Brother 14” live feeds, so don’t keep reading if you don’t want to be spoiled. But — it’s time to sign up for the live feeds, because they’ve been great lately. Plus, we suspect Thursday’s HOH comp will be endurance, which you can watch on the feeds.

OK, so last night game talk got really going later in the night. Wil and Ashley started working Shane and Britney hardcore about getting Frank put on the block in place of Ashley. Remember, Shane won POV, so it’s all up to him to change his own nominations, which is a rare occurrence in the BB house.

Britney rightly is nervous, because the POV ceremony takes place Monday afternoon (July 30), which gives Boogie and Frank three days to terrorize the house, make deals, be persuasive and charismatic and get the votes for Frank to stay. And they only need to flip one, because the votes this week are Wil, Jenn, Ian, Danielle and then whoever is not on the block otu of Frank/Ashley/Joe. If Ashley comes down, Jenn and Ian will vote to keep Frank because they’re teammates. So Boogie and Frank only have to flip one out of Wil, Danielle and Ashley.

While Wil can stay strong, and Danielle is totally in Shane’s pocket because she’s in LURVE with him, Ashley is a bit of a wild card. She’s so easily swayed and manipulated.

The deal is done, though. By the end of the night, Shane, Britney and Danielle had agreed to work with Wil and Ashley to get Frank out this week. Wil also declared himself, Shane, Ashley, Joe and Danielle to the Final 5. But what about Danielle’s “three amigos” alliance with Shane and Frank? These hamsters be crazy!

Getting Frank out is a smart move, honestly — he’s a huge threat. But whether or not Shane actually uses POV and puts up Frank and whether or not Frank actually gets evicted remains to be seen.

Now, the alliance told Janelle about the plan, which … it’s not like she wouldn’t be on board to keep her players in the game, but the more people who know, the more likely it is a plan gets screwed up. Plus, Janelle really wants Joe to come down off the block, but Britney and Shane know that is a terrible idea — seriously, if the plan backfires, who would you rather have leave, Ashley or Joe?

Britney is absolutely right about Boogie and Frank losing his mind when (if) this goes down. They’re going to freak out. Plus, Frank is under the impression he had a deal with Shane this week and Shane maintains he hasn’t gone back on his word because he didn’t nominate Frank and Frank had a chance to play for POV. But this is still kind of going back on his “word,” whether it was a deal or not. You know that’s how Boogie and Frank are going to see it.

Finally, the way the new alliance leaves it is that Wil should tell Boogie and Frank that he’s going to Joe and swear up and down that that’s what he’s doing. Then instead, go into the DR and vote to evict Frank. Wow, that would be pretty amazing to watch.

Also, if the coaches come into the game (“If”? Like CBS won’t do that regardless of how America actually votes), the house is going to be sent into a tailspin. The HOH comp should be pretty crazy — so also, don’t forget about the live feeds to watch the endurance comp!

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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