danielle shane big brother 14 'Big Brother 14': A Power of Veto trip outside the houseGaming has been afoot in the “Big Brother 14,” despite the hamsters only numbering five. Sign up for the live feeds so you don’t miss a minute — there’s going to be an eviction on Tuesday!

So, Ian won the most recent Head of Household last week, after Thursday’s live show. He nominated Shane and Jenn, though now that everyone plays for POV, it hardly matters anymore. Both the nominees took it pretty well, though Jenn can tell she’s the target this week.

The Power of Veto competition saw Shane win POV, so he will obviously remove himself from the block at the ceremony Monday (Sept. 10). Ian is going to nominate Danielle as the replacement, because he feels confident about his Final 2 deal with Dan.

It will be very interesting to see what Dan ends up doing the rest of the way. We don’t honestly think Dan can beat Ian. Dan has been the best player, even over Ian, but he has already won. So awarding him another win when he’s sitting next to someone who was also a gamer will be a tough sell.

Dan would be much better off on the block against Danielle, who, aside from her endurance comp win, has really done much in the house. He might win over her unanimously, except for maybe Shane’s vote.

Either way, with Jenn and Danielle on the block once Shane takes himself off, it’s looking like Jenn is out the door. We don’t foresee some switcheroo keeping her in the house.

Meanwhile, Shane’s POV came with another prize — a trip outside the house. He chose Danielle to accompany him (and while strategically that was maybe not the best move, she probably would’ve stabbed him in his sleep if he had chosen someone else, so … ). The reason it might not have been the best strategic choice is that Ian and Dan are now perfectly clear where the line in the sand is amongst the Quack Pack members, though why they weren’t sure before is a bit of a mystery.

The instructions for the POV trip were that it was “not fancy” and when Shane and Danielle returned, they were talking about meeting the U.S. women’s gymnastics team. We aren’t sure what exactly they got to go do, but they definitely enjoyed themselves.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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