danielle shane big brother 14 2 'Big Brother 14': Boogie makes a power play at the new HOHThe game is afoot in the “Big Brother 14” house and there may be a blindside in store after the Power of Veto ceremony later today. Keep reading if you want to find out what it is — or sign up for the live feeds, which are a lot of fun (and certainly will be if this blindside happens).

Danielle as the new HOH nominated Frank and Wil for eviction and then she won the Power of Veto, so she’s sitting pretty to get Frank evicted if that’s what she wants to do. Both guys are popular in the house, but Frank is a way bigger threat to win competitions.

However, Boogie doesn’t want to lose Will 2.0, so he has approached the Dan/Danielle/Shane/Britney alliance to work as a six-person team. In broaching this alliance, he does make one good point — it’s three coaches and one person they feel loyal to/protective of, so they’re all on an even playing field.

His thinking is that Danielle uses the POV on Frank and they backdoor Janelle. Now — as far as the newbies go, that’s a great plan. Get a coach out now, we say. And Danielle, Shane and Britney seem on board. Dan is the only hold out, because he’s kind of aligned with Janelle. So he’s working hard on Danielle to keep her noms the same, though he’s doing it in his sneaky, casual Dan mind trick way.

Now, we had the thinking that what Danielle should do is to use the POV on Wil and then put Janelle up against Frank. They can still make Janelle the target, but that way they’ve got some assurance that at least big target is going home if the scheme doesn’t work out. But it seemed like Danielle was just going to go along with Boogie and take Frank down.

However, as we were typing this post, Danielle and Shane talked strategy in the HOH room and she said to him that if she does go along with this, Frank isn’t coming down. Wil is. Nobody knows this yet, but that’s her thinking.

So at least Danielle demonstrates that she’s thinking for herself a bit and showing some good strategy. We’re kind of hoping this happens now, honestly. It would be a great shake-up in the house and then we’re guaranteed a huge threat goes home.

Danielle is really growing on us as a competitor. She’s still rather ridiculous — some of the stuff she says on the feeds will make your jaw drop (“What’s a first-generation American?”), but she’s finally turning into a gamer and that’s a lot of fun to watch.

Sign up for the live feeds to watch the stuff hit the fan if Janelle gets put on the block as a replacement nominee, y’all.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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