dan jenn danielle big brother 14 'Big Brother 14': Can the new alliance pull it off?Sunday night (Aug. 26) was easily the best night of live feeds for all of “Big Brother 14” and we’d put it up against any few hours of any season ever. It’s not too late to sign up for the three-day free trial — today’s POV ceremony should set off some explosions in the house.

So, read all about Dan’s master plan here. It was a sight to behold, y’all. But the gist is that he, Frank, Jenn and Danielle are a new final four alliance. Nobody outside of the four of them suspects and the plan is that Jenn will use the POV on Dan and Britney will go up on the block as the target for eviction.

What’s interesting is that Ian is not the target, because Frank was very angry at Ian after hearing Dan spill his guts about the Quack Pack. But they are right in that if Britney goes, Shane and Ian will kind of be floundering. She’s like their mom/big sister/scout leader person.

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Ian’s Veto is going to end up being pointless. It sounds like he has to use it before the traditional POV ceremony, which means he can only use it on Dan or Danielle and he says he isn’t going to. This is yet another reason why it’d be funny if he was Dan’s replacement nominee and then had no Veto to use to save himself, but that also would smack of being a little unfair.

There are a few hours for Jenn to back out on the plan, but as of right now, it looks like Jenn is going to Veto Dan and Frank is going to put up Britney. The alliance seems to have agreed they can’t act like Danielle knows anything, or she’ll get voted out by Shane, Ian and Joe, so hopefully her acting skills are up to snuff. (If last night’s feeds are any indication, they are.)

To be honest, we think Britney as replacement nom is a mistake. Shane and Ian are very loyal to her, perhaps moreso than they are to Danielle. If that’s the scenario, the people voting are Jenn, Dan, Shane, Ian and Joe. That’s risky that Danielle goes home. If Ian is the replacement, it’s Jenn, Dan, Shane, Britney and Joe. That seems less risky to us for this new alliance, but maybe it’s a toss-up.

Either way, it’ll be a crazy week of campaigning for votes. We cannot wait to watch.

If this works, there are a couple things that will also be very interesting to watch. First, Frank can’t play in HOH for two weeks. So Jenn, Danielle and Dan really need to step it up — and Dan needs to stop throwing comps.

Secondly, Dan and Frank shook on a Final 2 deal. Will Dan hold true to that? Will Frank? If we’re one of them, we don’t want to be sitting next to them in the finals when we could be sitting next to Jenn or Danielle, who have much weaker cases for winning.

Dan may have just made one of the biggest moves in BB history, but he’s already won the prize. That’s a huge strike against him if he’s sitting next to Frank, who has been saving himself week after week. And Frank has his competition beast argument, but Dan is obviously an evil genius and played a way better strategic game.

It’ll be verrrrry interesting to see which guy cuts the other’s throat first, if it happens at all. And if Danielle and Jenn know what’s good for them, they’ll work together to be sitting next to each other, because there’s no way either of them beats one of the guys. It’s not a gender thing, as it sometimes is on this show (a girl has never won sitting next to a guy) — in this case, Dan and Frank have just been better game-players than Jenn and Danielle.

What say you, hamster fans?

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