dan danielle big brother 14 'Big Brother 14': Dan and Danielle launch a devious planDan is pretty much running the show in the “Big Brother 14” house — but when has he not been, in the past few weeks? It’s not too late to watch the last week play out on the live feeds, they’re still pretty interesting, especially considering how few hamsters are left.

Last night, the final Head of Household competition launched and after Ian dropped, Dan convinced Danielle to drop out so he would advance to the final stage. He further has launched a plan wherein he and Danielle continue to act mad at each other because of what Dan did to Shane in the POV ceremony.

Ian has totally bought it, showing Danielle lots of sympathy and kindness. And she’s using that to starting working on him to throw round 2 of the HOH to her so she can beat Dan in the final round and take Ian to the Final 2.

She has told Ian that Shane and Jenn told her how they are going to answer their questions for the final round of the HOH competition, so she can beat Dan, but only if Ian lets her get to the final round.

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Count on Dan to then convince Danielle to throw the final HOH to him. At that point, Ian is most likely toast. Not only does Dan have to know he has a better argument to win the money against Danielle than Ian, but he has been feeding Danielle all this stuff about how he is playing for her to win because he’s her coach.

The thing is, we think that he is at least partially sincere. He’s a coach in real life and he seemed to take it really hard that he lost Jodi and Kara so early on, leaving him with just Danielle. If Dan can’t win the money, we think his line about wanting to be able to say he coached somebody to $500,000 is completely true.

Now, does that mean he’s NOT playing for himself to win? No. Dan’s not a dummy — he wants half a million dollars. But if he can’t win, we think he honestly wants to get Danielle there.

What do you think, hamster fans?

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