dan ian big brother 14 'Big Brother 14': Dan goes for brokeFollowing the Power of Veto competition in the “Big Brother 14” house this week, just about every houseguest had a punishment of some sort. And the live feeds have kind of exploded with the aftermath — sign up now to watch this week play out.

So, Dan gets out of solitary confinement Sunday night (Aug. 26) and calls a house meeting, where he proceeds to ask everyone to cut out the game talk this week and just enjoy the last few days. He then tells each houseguest in turn what he likes about them — except Danielle.

He says to Danielle that she’s “dead to [him]” in the game and that she knows what she did. Naturally, it sends Danielle into hysterics, completely confused and crying. And we really aren’t sure what he means. Is this part of his master plan? Is he really mad at Danielle? It’s hard to say. But he claims to be mad because Danielle didn’t throw the POV comp.

So then Dan says he wants to take Frank up to the HOH room to have a personal apology about things Dan has said about Frank. When they get up there, he spills everything. Tells Frank all about the Quack Pack and how badly Ian played Frank and Boogie this last week.

Dan’s play with Frank is to get Jenn to use the Veto on him so they can keep working together and put Shane up against Danielle. He wants to stay in the game as Frank’s mole and he says he’ll take Frank to the Final 2.

Meanwhile, Britney is downstairs telling Jenn whatever she does, she cannot use her Veto.

It should be very interesting to see what happens in the house the next few days.

UPDATE: Dan finally got to talk to Danielle alone and reveals to her it was all a ploy to save them both by making an alliance with Jenn/Frank for Dan/Danielle. Danielle freaks out, she’s mad at him for making her think he hated her. Dan says Jenn has to get past her rage at Dan on Danielle’s behalf for what he said and use her POV to take him down, then they’ll have the votes to keep Danielle and everybody wins (in their alliance).

It was a sneaky, sneaky plan and it will be rather epic if he pulls it off. Wow, y’all.

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