danielle dan big brother 14 'Big Brother 14': Dan pulls another big move    but does he mean what he says?Here we go, gang. Time to kick off the final “Big Brother 14” Head of Household competition. Though first we have to find out who Danielle nominated and who wins Power of Veto. Be sure to sign up for the live feeds to follow along with the final HOH comp.

The Nominations

These are pretty anticlimactic, since two of three people have to go up and it doesn’t really matter anyway, it’s all about POV. Dan very sneakily suggests he and Ian go up, because he wants Shane to be comfortable in the house and not be trying very hard — since Dan knows Danielle will do what he tells her to do.

And that’s who goes up, Dan and Ian.

The Jury House

Ashley gets her crazy Ashley on for a week and even though this is a manufactured segment for the purposes of the broadcast, we sort of imagine it’s not that far off from what has actually been going on. If anyone could be alone in the Jury House for a week and be completely fine, it’s Ashley.

When Frank and Britney arrive, they immediately get into it and Frank needs to work on his “inside voice.” Then Joe arrives and inside voices have gone completely out the window. And Frank can’t stop talking about loyalty and honesty and integrity, it’s barf-worthy. Britney is absolutely right — this game isn’t about Suzy High Horse, it’s a game for $500,000. Frank’s a sore loser and his arrogance about how much he deserved to win is exactly why he’s out. It’s why Russell Hantz could go all the way, but not win. If people don’t like you, it doesn’t matter how devious you were or how many things you won.

Dr. Will was a total lying snake, but he was SO likable that they couldn’t help but give him the money. That’s the crucial point.

The Power of Veto

It’s a molecule puzzle with hamster faces, where you have to figure out which clues mean which houseguests, but it only works in one amalgamation. That’s tricky, and honestly, we are pretty shocked Danielle won. Sorry, but we just are.

Ian’s “weird monster noise,” per Dan’s description was a belly-laugh moment, though. Oh, weird little Ian, you adorable scamp.

At this point, after her win, Danielle is sure she and her two boys are going to Final 3. And yes, that’s what would happen if she leaves nominations the same and her boy Shane evicts Ian. However …

Dan seemingly convinces Danielle to use the Veto on him by telling her Shane is totally safe. She just goes along with it because she will do whatever Dan tells her. Her reasoning to Shane is that taking Dan off will keep Dan off the scent that it’s Danielle/Shane for Final 2. But Dan has no intention of keeping Shane around.

It’s interesting because while Shane is the only person who won’t take Dan to Final 2, but Ian is also the only person we think Dan maybe can’t beat for the money. Ian has some legitimate arguments, while Shane and Danielle really don’t. We’re kind of stunned Dan doesn’t want Ian out.

The Power of Veto Ceremony

Dan blathers on about his personal accomplishments, but totally sucks up to Danielle in the process. *huwah* And then Danielle uses the POV. Wow. We may be in store for a huge shocker for the hamsters.

The Vote

Shane talks for like a hundred years about stuff and barely gets to ask for Dan to keep him in the house. Ian then quacks and stuff. It’s all very weird. Then Dan casts his vote to evict … Shane, saying he has to break up the Shane/Danielle duo. Shane takes it very well, Danielle is STUNNED. But she should’ve known better than to take Dan off the block.

When she confronts him in the arcade room, Dan insists it’s because he’s her coach and he wants her to win. She says she’s got Shane’s vote locked down and also has Britney and Jenn, so she only needs one more, which will be Dan’s vote if he’s not in Final 2.

He insists he’s never made a move against Danielle. It’s pretty slick — does he mean it? Man, we sincerely hope Dan wins the last HOH because we want to see who he takes to the finals.

What do you think, gang? Does Dan mean it at all, that he’s looking out for Danielle?

We thought the show would launch the Final HOH endurance portion before the episode ended, but they did not, so we’ll keep you posted when we know something. Or sign up for the live feeds, since they should let us know who wins the first round of HOH tonight.

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