shane danielle kiss big brother 14 'Big Brother 14': Dan pushing the Shane and Danielle showmanceHello, “Big Brother” fans. Sorry to take a weekend hiatus, but we’re back with all the updates from the live feeds.

First off, after Ian nominated Frank and Jenn, Dan won Power of Veto and removed Jenn from the block, with Joe going up as the replacement. It was a great move for Dan, because Jenn was in no real danger of going home this week, so he gets to repay her and look like a good guy without really having an effect on the game. Smooth.

Now that it’s Joe vs. Frank, the Quack Pack (Ian/Dan/Danielle/Shane) decided it’s better for all involved if they pretend they are keeping Frank all week long, so that he doesn’t campaign too hard and doesn’t annoy the crap out of them all week.

So far that seems to be working like a charm. Joe knows what’s going on and is acting like he’s fine with it, as though he’s not going to campaign and he’s happy just to have made it this far.

Frank and Jenn are falling for it all, hook, line and sinker. They have spent most of the week so far sitting around, patting themselves on the back and plotting their final 4 deal with either Dan/Dani or Dani/Shane. Ian is their next target.

So Frank is probably in for quite the rude awakening on Thursday when his butt goes home by a vote of 3-1. Jenn is the only person voting to keep him and we really don’t see much hope for him changing things up between now and Thursday night.

In other news, Dan is pushing the Danielle/Shane romance hardcore. His reasoning seems to be twofold — either they’ll get together for real and be seen as a huge threat because they’re a real duo, thereby making it easier for Dan to get Shane out, or (and he has already started doing this) Dan can use Shane’s reticence at hooking up with Danielle to play on her crazy emotions and make her an ally in the get-out-Shane plan.

He’s already laying the groundwork for that second part and Shane is helping him out by acting like he wants a showmance with Danielle, then not following through. And she’s just desperate to make out with Shane, so his rebuffs really irk her.

Dan’s force is strong, hamster fans. We honestly can’t say we’d be the least bit mad to see him win the money again and this on top of not even wanting any veterans being allowed back into the game anymore. But he has been a real treat to watch lately.

What do you guys think?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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