dan ian big brother 14 'Big Brother 14': Danielle holds all the power right now, but will she get double crossed?When the live feeds finally came back Wednesday night (Sept. 12) in the “Big Brother 14” house, a lot had happened between Danielle’s Head of Household win we saw on the broadcast and where the hamsters are now. Keep reading to find out, or sign up for the live feeds to watch the Final 4 (soon to be Final 3) battle it out.

Danielle won HOH and apparently has nominated Ian and Dan. We don’t know her exact reasoning for nominating Dan over Shane, but it hardly matters at this point. Two people have to go up and it all comes down to who wins POV anyway.

In a bit of a surprise, Danielle won the Power of Veto, keeping the power with her for awhile longer. And it sounds like she’s thinking about using it.

Danielle and Shane are under the impression that Ian is the target this week and she thinks it would be better to remove Dan from the block and make Dan cast the lone vote to evict Ian, keeping the blood off Shane’s hands.

What she doesn’t know is that Dan is seriously considering keeping Ian in the house. We would have to imagine his strategy is that he can beat Ian and Danielle more easily for final HOH than he can Shane, because if it’s an idea of winning the money, Dan should boot Ian as fast as he can.

Ian is Dan’s only threat not to win, we think. Danielle and Shane pose no threat to beat Dan, but Ian has a good argument. Conversely, Ian should not take Dan to the finals either — they are both each other’s biggest threat to not win the money.

However, Ian made the comment last night that in the finals, he has roughly a 50-60% chance of beating Dan and Danielle, but only a 2-4% chance of beating Shane. Which we think is crazy. No one is going to vote for Shane over Ian except maybe Danielle.

It will be very interesting to see if Dan and Ian keep each other around because for both of them (and both of whom we would be happy to see win), it would be in their best interest to be against Shane or Danielle.

Check back here later today for the POV ceremony results and get ready for another eviction tonight — plus the endurance part of the final HOH comp on the live feeds.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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