danielle big brother 14 'Big Brother 14': Danielle starts her reign of error as Head of HouseholdThe show picks up with the Head of Household pirate competition (arrrr!) in the “Big Brother 14” backyard. It’s always weird when this happens and you watch the live feeds, because the house is extra far ahead of the episode.

Head of Household Competition

Everybody has been thrown for a loop by the twist, though Dan is the only one who will own up to hitting the reset button.

The hamsters are thrust into an HOH competition that heavily favors shorter/smaller people. Not only do you have to hang up there and it’s easier if you weigh less, but that bar is a lot easier to hang on to if it hits you in the right spot (i.e. being shorter). So naturally it comes down to Britney, Ian and Danielle — Britney, who comments this is “literally” life or death for her. Guess what? It’s not. It’s actually LITERALLY not. Please stop misusing that word, girls of the world. Because it is incredibly annoying and makes you sound stupid.

Danielle ends up winning and even though Ian and Britney dropped so Dani could win, she looked solid as a rock. She looked like she could have gone all night. She also looked like she was taking sexy pictures for a magazine — did you notice how everybody else looked like a drowned rat and Danielle was like total bedroom eyes up there? Hilarious. But apparently it works on Shane, who decides to smooch her in the water after her win. Just call him Shane “Mixed Signals” Meaney.

Meanwhile, Dan has spilled the beans to Boogie that Frank was out the door this week before the game was reset. Boogie and Frank are quite dismayed that they had no idea this was coming. So dismayed, in fact, that they go pow-wow about it in the shoe room and as they are saying Ian needs to stay up there and win, he drops. Way to stay out there and motivate your guy to win HOH, doofuses.

The Scheming

Dan can’t believe Boogie immediately told Frank that they were going to vote him out that week. Um, catch up, Dan. Of course he immediately told Frank that. And Boogie confronts Britney about it, so she has to play dumb because of Dan’s big mouth. And she is livid (rightly so, because that was dumb).

Danielle is concerned because Janelle gives her mean looks sometimes. Don’t worry, Dani — that’s just her regular face. When Dani’s HOH reveal comes, some people are more excited than others. Boogie looks like he wants to shoot himself in the face.

As far as nominations go, Danielle wants to target mean-faced Janelle (who is not a bad target, she’s got a huge following with her team members). But Dan talks Dani out of it, saying Frank is a bigger target. Wake up, Danielle! Get a veteran out while you can.

She then starts to consider Boogie and Frank on the block, but Dan talks her out of it because she cannot think for herself very well. Dani has the right idea about nominating them both and getting one out, but she is way too easily swayed by Dan’s mind tricks.

The Nominations

In what should be a surprise to no one after that last Dan/Dani conversation, Danielle nominates Wil and Frank. Ughhhh. Hilariously, Boogie gives a DR where he says he’ll be “offended” if he’s not nominated because he’s the All-Star champion. Dan said on the live feeds that that was exactly how Boogie would react if he was nominated.

Anyway, Dani tells the guys it’s nothing personal and … that’s pretty much it. Not like you have to give your bullet points as to why you’ve nominated people, but that was kind of short.

Dan is still the puppetmaster of Danielle, but we have to say — you should check out the live feeds because a lot of stuff has been going down this week.

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