wil big brother 14 'Big Brother 14': Does the Week 5 Power of Veto ceremony shake up the house?The Power of Veto ceremony for Week 5 in the “Big Brother 14” has concluded — read on to find out if a backdoor plan was followed through on. Or sign up for the live feeds to keep up with the hamsters 24/7.

Frank won the Power of Veto after nominating Wil and Joe. And despite both Ashley and Jenn playing in POV (both of whom may have used the POV had they won), Frank has decided not to use the Power of Veto. It’s a real bummer since he’d been talking a great game on the feeds all day about backdooring Dan, which would have really shaken up the house.

Danielle and Britney got wind of the plan and are actually considering telling Dan about it, so the Silent Six alliance may still fall apart this week, but for certain either Joe or Wil is going home. For the game’s sake, we hope it’s Joe. He’s just such a non-factor and then we can stop with the Diary Room scream sessions.

But it looks a lot more likely that Wil is headed out the door. He’s a much bigger threat than Joe. There are eight votes this week — Danielle, Britney, Shane, Dan, Boogie, Ian, Jenn and Ashley — and if Frank wants Wil out, the majority of those people will likely do what he says. The only thing we can see possibly going down is if Wil gets to Dan about the backdoor plan that didn’t happen and really paints Frank/Boogie as the untrustworthy ones who wanted his butt out. Then Dan could probably get Danielle, Britney and Shane to flip and vote with Jenn and Ashley to keep Wil.

What do you think, hamster fans?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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