frank ashley big brother 14 'Big Brother 14': Double eviction brings the excitementUPDATE: If you’re curious who won the next HOH competition, we’ve got the results for you here.

It’s double eviction night on “Big Brother 14,” so that should be fun. The first HOH competition is pretty huge, and the second one might be as well, depending on who else goes home.

The Power of Veto aftermath

Just so everybody knows, Boogie’s been a total punk this week on the feeds and Jenn hasn’t been much better. The Boogie thing was not a surprise, but the Jenn thing kind of was. All she had to do was lay low this week, but she startled the whole house by acting like kind of a lunatic.

The episode shows Boogie calling Shane “Dan’s b****” and talking about how he better hope his boss wins HOH, but there has been other stuff.

Boogie called a house meeting wanting everybody to be nice to each other, but behind people’s backs, he has said things like he’ll “come to Michigan and f*** Dan’s wife” and about Joe that he’s “gonna serve this n**** up today.” And he has also said that after he’s evicted, he’ll tell Joe’s kids on the live show what a “piece of s***” their dad is. So, clearly, Mike Boogie is a great guy.

The First Eviction

Julie acts like the houseguests don’t know what’s going on, like they’d all be wearing comfy competition clothes if they didn’t know anything. The pre-vote speech by Boogie practically begs for Joe for his vote and calls out his kids’ names, then says a d-baggy thing about the Patriots and a “mike check.”

Thankfully, only Ashley and Frank vote to evict Jenn, so Boogie is out by a vote of 5-2. He looks a little surprised by the vote count and rejects Ian’s goodbye. It makes me like Ian a little less that he says to Boogie, “You may see some things you don’t like, but remember I respect you.” Ughhh, Ian. No! Just own it, dude. Own your game.

Boogie Tebows after he joins the live studio audience — hey, you know what Tim Tebow would probably never do? Say he’s going to come to Michigan and “f*** a guy’s wife.” So, stop that.

Britney’s goodbye message is hilarious and to his credit, Boogie laughs at it. And he also appreciates Ian’s rather awesome goodbye message too, so that’s nice to see.

The Head of Household Comp

It’s a before-or-after Q&A competition. Ian should be good at this. The final four come down to Britney, Frank, Danielle and Ian, but Frank is out at that point. Oooh. The final two are Danielle and Ian on a tiebreaker question, which is “How many seconds did it take for the Lime Team to win the Exsqueeze Me competition?” Danielle says 1200 and Ian says 1000. Correct is 419, so Ian wins. Nice. This could be interesting.


Ian profusely apologizes and then puts Frank and Ashley on the block. Interestingly, when we came back from commercial, he was saying something to Joe about going up against Shane … wonder what that was about.

Power of Veto

It’s a search-through-stuff challenge, like the one where Jeff tossed his clown shoe outside the lane. Ian, Frank, Ashley, Joe, Danielle and Shane are playing, Jenn, Britney and Dan are sitting out. Ian is the first one back with a clover, followed by Frank and Joe, and then Danielle and Shane. Frank then finds his second clover and runs back for the Veto, winning it. Wow.

Prior to the ceremony, Frank tells Shane and Britney that he’s going after Dan and wants Ian to put up Joe so Ashley stays in the house. Obviously, Frank takes himself off the block. If Ian were smart, he’d put up Jenn, to keep his alliance intact and to keep Joe happy, but Ian hates Joe, so in no surprise Ian puts Joe up in Frank’s place.

The Second Eviction

Ashley blah-blahs like she’s been chloroformed. Heh. Joe pantomimes his speech and it’s rather hilarious. Jenn votes to evict Ashley, Shane votes Ashley, Britney votes to evict Ashley, Frank votes to evict Joe, Danielle votes to evict Ashley and Dan votes to evict Ashley.

Getting Ashley out was not exactly a power move by Ian, but it was relatively safe. What do you think he should’ve done?

As she meets Julie, Ashley ashleys, “I can’t believe I’m here! I love your side pony!” She’s hilarious. Meanwhile, Frank can’t believe everybody sent “that poor girl” home. Dude, pipe down. Your alliance got played this week and you’re down two people. Tough cookies, that’s the way it goes.

As we “eavesdrop” on the houseguests, Frank is still railing some nonsense about Boogie. Sorry, fella. You seem really nice, but you guys got played this week. 

The feeds ought to be fun tonight because perhaps the next HOH competition will take place, so sign up now for the free trial if you haven’t yet.

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