big-brother-14-final-HOH-2.jpgThe battle for the final Head of Household is underway in the “Big Brother 14” house. Sign up for the live feeds and you’ll be able to watch the endurance portion play out.

As of roughly 11:30 p.m. ET, the feeds came back and Dan, Danielle and Ian were dangling like worms on hooks above a pool of water, which they are occasionally dipped down into, while rain pours down on them from above. It looks pretty miserable.

Then every once in awhile, they are swung back and forth to bang into some walls (pictured below). Dan says on the live feeds it was 8:15 p.m. their time that they got out there, so they’ve only been up there about 30 minutes, as of this writing.

Keep checking back for updates. All times Eastern.

11:47 — Ian swallows a bunch of water when they get dunked into the pool and almost comes off his hook.

11:48 — Spoke too soon. Ian is out. He fell off on another time they were dunked in and he’s done with this portion of the comp. That surprises us a bit, barely over 30 minutes.

11:52 — Dan and Danielle are talking, though it’s hard to hear about what over the noise of the water and mechanism swinging them back and forth. Do you suppose she trusts him enough to drop after what he did tonight with evicting Shane? Should she?

11:57 — It’s interesting that one of them hasn’t thrown it to the other, since this doesn’t guarantee them an HOH win anyway.

11:59 — Dan has said to Danielle he can’t beat Ian in the second round of the HOH. He wants her to drop.

12:05 — Feeds went to trivia for awhile, but they came back and it’s still Dan and Danielle hanging in there.

12:19 — Dan is wearing Danielle down. She’s talking about how he drives her crazy and she’s sighing a lot, which means she’s probably going to throw it to him soon.

12:21 — Dan’s big argument is that he won’t screw Danielle over because he’s her coach. He wants to be able to say he coached somebody to $500,000. Crazily enough, we think we actually believe that. That if Dan can’t win, he would love to be able to help Danielle win. (Though he has to know he’ll probably beat her in the Final 2.)

12:24 — And that’s it, Danielle took herself off when they next got dunked in the pool of water. Dan has won the first round of the HOH. Expect the next round to take place tomorrow, so keep checking with Zap2it to find out who he’s going to face off with.

12:26 — She’s not telling Ian she threw it, of course. She says she slipped off when they dunked them.


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