big brother 14 live feeds night 1 'Big Brother 14': First nominations revealed, the house is already dividedSPOILER ALERT: This post will discuss what we’ve seen so far on the live feeds, so don’t keep reading if you don’t want to be spoiled.

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In the wake of the coaches twist on “Big Brother 14,” the house seems to have become divided quickly. It appears that Britney and Janelle’s teams (JoJo, Shane and Willie for Britney and Ashley, Joe and Wil for Janelle) have decided to work together. That’s not a huge surprise, considering how much Britney likes Janelle.

What is a bit of a surprise is that Boogie and Dan have not mobilized to work together. Boogie is certainly stirring up trouble all over the house (it sounds like), but the two of them don’t appear to have banded together yet.

Meanwhile, first HOH Willie has nominated Frank and Kara for eviction. Even though we like her and want to see her stay, the Kara move is a good one. She’s a huge threat, plus Dan’s team is already down a player, so one more week and the house could take Dan’s whole team out if Kara goes home.

The Frank nomination seems to be just the pawn, but Janelle and Britney (who like Kara and who want to see Boogie lose a team member) are gunning for Frank to leave, despite Willie wanting to keep him around. In fact, they are working Willie pretty hard, arguing that Frank will be easier to beat in the end than Kara, which at this point may or may not be true — it’s only been a week, it’s hard to say.

The players in the POV competition are the HOH and two noms, plus Shane, Wil and Danielle. We have a feeling Danielle would take Kara off and that Wil might too. When players were drawn, apparently Boogie was super upset about the picks.

We expect the POV competition to be today. The hamsters have been on lockdown for awhile as the production people build the set for POV in the backyard. It might be Saturday, but we feel like it’ll happen today.

And last night we had our possible first showmance blooming — Shane was flirting with JoJo while he gave her a backrub. Woo woo?

Finally, in Whinypants News: Ashley and Danielle are have-nots. Danielle seems to be handling it fine. Ashley is losing her mind.

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