frank boogie big brother 14 'Big Brother 14': Frank and Boogie pull one over on ShaneWe love how the “Big Brother” voiceover during the previouslies makes it sound as though Shane was, like, sleeping with Danielle and then sleeping with JoJo. What’s the opposite of a Showmance? A Nomance? Because that’s what is going on here.

Shane Wins HOH

Joe needs to STOP SCREAMING AT US, it’s the worst. Worst. What is wrong with him?!  Meanwhile, Danielle knows why Shane voted against her. But she says it like she’s a battered spouse. “It sucks that he hits me, but he just gets so mad sometimes.”

Wil knows he’s a huge target, as does his coach Janelle, while Boogie is confident that Frank is safe. He shouldn’t be (at this point), but as we all find out, turns out Boogie was right. It hurts to type that.

Because Shane is not a gamer at all and says he trusts Frank (who just nominated him) and Boogie (who is a total snake). Shane is a moron. Meanwhile, Chef Joe makes breakfast in bed for Shane as a way to curry favor. Gross.

So Shane just straight-up tells Frank that Wil is the no. 1 target and Frank is of course all over that deal, promising his teammates Jenn and Ian will vote Wil out too. Maybe Frank is totally trustworthy and Shane/Frank can bromance it all the way to the finals. But honestly, we don’t think so. Especially with Boogie in his ear, treating him like Will 2.0.

Danielle and Britney are all over Shane to get Frank out, but Shane just can’t do it. He has some kind of deal he feels he needs to honor, but that is even kind of sketchy. You think you can’t nominate Frank just because he, what, gave you a chance to play for Veto? Big deal! Take out the charismatic, physically-gifted guy that everybody likes while you have the chance!

Coaches Competition

The Coaches Comp is a work-out competition, Ughhhhh, we would hate that. But as they get eliminated, they get to open lockers that have possible prizes inside. Also, the workout activities are … gross. The booty scooty is pelvic thrusting that goes on for 200+ reps.

Britney is out and wins the chance to pick two Have-Nots. Ian continues to volunteer and then Britney picks Joe because he hasn’t been a Have-Not yet. 

The second comp is moving your hips side-to-side and Boogie is out. He gets $10,000 and he has to share with two players. He keeps $6000 (in a rather obnoxious way), gives $3000 to Ian and Jenn gets the $1000.

Ian starts crying, he’s so touched. Awww. Ian is such a sweetheart, it’s kind of scary how much of a sweetheart he is. We don’t think it’s fake at all. He’s just a genuinely nice guy.

Anyway, comp number three is a tongue-thrusting activity. Ew. Janelle creams Dan at this, so, you know, poor Dan’s wife. Anyway, Dan wins a sushi party for himself and five guests. Um, he invites the coaches plus Shane and Danielle, which is interesting. He smartly doesn’t want the coaches getting to hang out alone with anybody while he can’t be there, but it also looks like a jerk move because the coaches haven’t been on slop at all.

Janelle, as winner, decides to save Wil, which is a smart move on her part.


Janelle and Joe start working Shane and Britney hardcore about keeping him off the block, but they don’t really have many good arguments. Then Boogie and Frank take their turn working on Shane and Britney. Britney makes a good argument for wanting to nominate one from each of Janelle and Boogie’s team, but Shane continues to be swayed by Frank and Boogie, which is kind of mystifying.

Yeah, they’ll probably retaliate for putting up Frank by nominating you next week, but if you get Frank out, that only leaves Boogie with Ian and Jenn to compete for HOH, so you’re probably in the clear. And it’s not like Janelle’s players WON’T retaliate. Someone is going to be unhappy and as a strong player, Shane will always have a target on his back. So why not take this chance to get Frank out and then wait and see how HOH goes?

When the ceremony finally comes, it is revealed that Shane has nominated Joe and Ashley. *headsmack* And we don’t give Shane any credit that the real plan is backdooring Frank. There’s no way.

Ashley is super upset about being nominated, which is weird. Like she’s any kind of target. Janelle is mad about this turn of events. And Joe is … screaming a lot of nonsense at us in the DR. That really needs to stop.

And in case you’re wondering, the live feeds have been really awesome lately — nudity and making out. So sign up for them if you still haven’t yet, they’re a lot of fun.

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