frank joe big brother 14 cbs 'Big Brother 14': Frank goes from the block to the top; Janelle gives a parting shot to BoogieDo you think the “Big Brother” Powers That Be will find a way to save Janelle from eviction? A coup d’etat? A Pandora’s Box? There are some conspiracy theories that the PTB tried to mix things up in the house Thursday morning (Aug. 9) by “accidentally” broadcasting a Diary Room session of Dan’s to the house for just a few short minutes, but we aren’t sure we’re quite on board with that.

If the producers were going to try to keep Janelle around, they would have used one of their ridiculous “powers,” like when Jeff got the coup d’etat. And there’s precedence for mistakes happening in the sound booth for letting DR sessions slip out.

Also, it has really seemed this week as if Janelle’s heart just isn’t in it. She’s ready to go home. So we’re just saying — if CBS wanted to influence the game, they wouldn’t have been that sneaky about it. After all, Boogie has admitted on the live feeds that he knew before the show started the coaches would come into the game at some point. So … you can sign up for the live feeds to judge for yourself.

Anyway. Let’s get down to the show at hand, shall we?

The House

Janelle vows she’ll do what she has to do to stay, but I’m not sure even CBS can spin the editing to make it look like she’s fighting her hardest. She’s no Janelle of S6 or All-Stars, that’s for sure.

When Janelle confronts Danielle, Dani cries and is very mealy-mouthed about how Janelle is coming after her. Oh, just be honest — she’s a threat and has to go. Just tell her. Janelle can see right through your poor excuse.

So Janelle starts looking for votes, assuming she has her team on her side. But she does not. Wil and Ashley are all set to vote her butt out the door. She also thinks she has Britney’s vote, but she doesn’t. This is just editing. There’s a good chance Joe is the only vote Janelle gets.

The Hamsters

Hey look, we’re checking in with Jenn! We barely recognize her since she gets so little play on both the episodes and the live feeds. And we relive Ian’s 24 hours as a dog, which — Ian’s a good sport about so much. He’s adorable.

Now we must pretend there’s a maybe showmance between Ashley and Ian. At least we aren’t talking to Shane and Danielle’s families, like they’re going to get engaged during the finale or something ridiculous.

The Vote

Frank’s plea speech is very weird and Janelle seems to know she’s going home. The votes go almost unanimously to evict Janelle, with Joe the only one who votes to keep her. In her exit interview, she just seems sad and ready to go home. Maybe I’m wrong, but I just feel like her heart wasn’t really in it. She’s a mom now and wants to go see her baby.


Boogie’s goodbye message is smug and ridiculous and then Janelle’s reaction is priceless, “He’s such a loser. What a d*****bag.” Heh.

The HOH Competition

It’s a head-to-head trivia competition with questions about past competitions. The clues are songs, which is actually kind of awesome. Jen vs. Wil goes to Wil, who pits Joe vs. Boogie. Boogie wins and picks Wil and Ashley and Ashley wins. She picks Shane and Britney and Brit wins, picks Ashley and Ian. Ian wins and picks Dan vs. Britney. Britney wins, pits Frank vs. Boogie and Boogie throws it to Frank. Britney and Ian face off and Britney beats Ian, so it’s Britney vs. Frank for the HOH. Bummer, was rooting for Ian. But the new HOH is … Frank. Wow.

Think everybody will regret keeping him now? Hmm. And will he stick with the “Silent Six” alliance this week? The feeds ought to be interesting this week.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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