dan jenn danielle big brother 14 'Big Brother 14': Frank has words with HOH gang, Jenn tells Ashley to 'suck it'There were a few fireworks in the “Big Brother 14” house Tuesday night (Aug. 22), which makes us eager for “Wacky Wednesday,” as it usually proves to be the best live feeds day of the week. Sign up now to watch for yourself.

Around 1:12 a.m. BBT, Frank decided to give the HOH crew (Dan, Dani, Shane, Britney, Joe and Jenn) a piece of his mind regarding their talking about Mike Boogie. The HOH crew had been talking about how Mike couldn’t be trusted and had already won $16,000 and needs to go, plus Britney pointed out that Frank is such a fan of the show (he’s tried out twice before) and threw it all away for Boogie.

So Frank gets wind of this, mostly from Ian, and marches upstairs, where he says, “You’re all doggin’ my boy up here while he’s asleep … at least when we do it, we’re out in front with it.”

“I don’t appreciate you all kickin’ my boy while he’s down. When you’re voting him out, don’t add insult to injury. Ian’s down there crying. You think he’d be crying if Mike weren’t a f***ing nice guy?” Frank continues. “He’s a good guy, you don’t need to be treatin’ him like a f***ing scumbag.”

That was all he had to say and when he left, the HOH gang was left staring at each other all, “What the heck was that?”

And let’s revisit just how nice of a guy Boogie is. Behind people’s backs (TO FRANK, so Frank should know better than anyone), Boogie has slammed on “his boy” Ian, talked about wanting to throw Dan’s Bible over the wall, made fun of Shane’s clothes and necklace and a plethora of other things. How, exactly, is that being a good guy?

To Shane’s face, after the last POV, Boogie had a fit, calling him Dan’s “b****” and telling him he better pray his boss wins HOH. To Joe, it smacked of bullying and Joe actually called Boogie out on it.

It’s really kind of a shame that Frank hasn’t read the writing on the wall and tried to distance himself from Boogie this week, but maybe they are two peas in a pod. Either way, Frank may have won POV and taken himself off, but he’s doing himself no favors with the way he is acting.

Meanwhile, Jenn continues to be kind of a lunatic. All she had to do this week was lay low and keep her mouth shut, but all of a sudden she has to play the game and it’s like she’s lost her marbles.

When Ashley came up to the HOH room to talk to Jenn (because Jenn is super mad that Ashley is going to vote to keep Boogie), Jenn goes, “You can suck it, Ashley. You’re gonna vote me out after I’ve been so good to you and had your f***ing back? … You were gonna vote me out of the house and you’re trying to get Joe on board as well.”

First of all, Jenn needs to calm down and realize that that’s how the game is played. People are going to vote against you if it suits their purpose. Don’t take it personally and certainly don’t fly off the handle like Ashley was going to kill your pet with a shovel.

Secondly, all Jenn has done this week is paint a larger and larger target on herself as an unstable crazy person. Maybe that’ll keep her around as a great person to sit next to in the finals, but there are so many people left that they might just decide that after Frank, Jenn is not worth the headache of keeping in the house.

And finally, Ian is kind of crumbling this week. At first, he seemed like a perfect double agent, working against Boogie and Frank to help his secret Quack Pack alliance. But he was saying yesterday that the Diary Room keeps asking him how he can vote out his “Big Brother” idol (which — please. Ian has got to have a better Idol in this game than freakin’ Mike Boogie, who is a Dr. Will-coattail rider all the way).

Ian has also started feeling guilty because Boogie gave him that $3000. He has expressed to Britney (which is a huge mistake) that he feels bad voting Boogie out. What’s interesting is that Boogie just assumes Ian is with him, so he hasn’t even been working Ian that hard. If he really started in on Ian, Ian would probably flip. Seriously, who cries about people bashing on Mike Boogie?

Luckily, Joe seems dead set on voting Boogie out, so that’s the fourth vote the Britney/Dan/Dani bloc needs. But it’ll be interesting to watch Wacky Wednesday play out.

: Wednesday morning, Frank relays the night before to Mike Boogie, who says that he is going after Joe for talking s*** behind his back. It’s like — can Boogie hear himself? He’s the king of talking about people behind their backs! He also is going to confront Jenn about being so “desperate” that she has to roll with the HOH crew.

Ironically, Frank is mad and disbelieving that the HOH crew didn’t “say s***” to him when he came up there and flew off the handle. Because clearly the way to go was to step up and, like, fight Frank. And Mike Boogie classily calls them all “p***ies.”

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