danielle dan big brother 14 'Big Brother 14': Has Dan usurped Dr. Will as best player ever?The latest “Big Brother 14” episode should be amazing, based on the live feeds we’ve had recently. Strap in, hamster fans. Speaking of which, word on the street is tomorrow night’s an endurance comp, so sign up for the live feeds to watch.

Post Nominations

Dan and Danielle are on the block and the Quack Pack has designs on Britney or Shane winning the POV so that the whole QP can be safe (two come down, two who used Vetos are safe, and the remaining person on the block is safe because QP has the votes).

Power of Veto

It’s the always-awesome “How Far Would You Go” POV, where the houseguests win POV by accepting punishments.  Before the comp, Jenn finally decides she should maybe start playing the game, so she aligns herself with Frank. So she’s shooting for $50,000, then.

The competition is “Draw Something”-based. Each picture/word is a clue to a punishment and if you “win” the points for that word, you accept the punishment. The person with the most points wins Veto. That’s excellent.

Shane and Britney are hoping for Dan and Danielle to throw the competition, but Dan can’t let himself do it. He wants to win.

Punishments include an avocado bath for Frank, “icky” food for Dan (didn’t look that bad), Jen burning some clothes, shackles for Britney (she picks Danielle to shackle with), hourly chum baths for Frank, missing the next eligible HOH for Frank (so that’s two, since he can’t compete this coming week), paint splatter for Danielle, 24 hour solitary confinement for Dan and all-summer slop for Jenn.

The hilarious part is that Frank gets DQ’d for whispering the answer to Britney. Um, what a moron! The rule was clearly stated, you can’t help the other contestants. And he wasn’t even sneaky about it!

Frank’s all outraged, but dude — that was ALL you. So he’s out and Jenn gets the final question right, putting her two points ahead of Dan for the win.

The Aftermath

So Dan heads to solitary confinement and proceeds to hatch one of the awesomest, most dastardly plans this game has ever seen. Step 1 — come out of solitary and act really sick (probably not 100% acting, those strobe lights and music would’ve made us sick). This step was a lot longer and more dramatic on the live feeds, they had to truncate it for time during the broadcast.

Step 2 — house meeting where Dan says nice things to everybody, asks for no more game talk and then cuts Danielle off at the knees, emotionally devastates her and sends her into hysterics, while asking to speak with Frank privately so he can apologize for things he has supposedly said about Frank.

Step 3 — get alone with Frank and spill the beans about EVERYTHING, especially Ian. And then suggest an alliance, but get Frank to actually voice the idea of having Jenn use the POV on Dan. Making Frank think it’s his idea is genius. And they strike a final two deal.

Step 4 — Do the damage control with Danielle, who is losing her mind over this. It’s actually kind of funny. And on the live feeds, Dan’s meeting with Frank took a lot longer than this made it look and so she had lots and lots of time to cry and rend her garments and freak out.

Step 5 — Frank goes to work on Jenn, which is no easy feat because she’s quite protective of her Southern belle Danielle.

Power of Veto Ceremony

Ian has to go first, then Jenn. But there is no nomination in between (should Ian use his), which is something we were wondering about all week. Ian chooses not to use his Veto, then Jenn drops the bomb that she’s using the POV to save Dan.

Britney and Ian look gobsmacked. Shane … maybe has an emotion on his face, it’s hard to tell. When Dan puts Britney on the block, she takes it pretty well, while Ian looks ready to vomit. Or stab Frank in his sleep. Could go either way.

Also, stay tuned for Thursday’s show that shows the post-POV fireworks because they are insane. Ian loses. his. mind.

So — let the debate begin as to whether Dan has taken over Dr. Will’s spot as best BB player in history. For us, it’s not up for discussion that the spot DID belong to Dr. Will, as in, it didn’t belong to someone else.

Does it now belong to Dan? The game is very different now (and we think harder, because Will was playing with people who really had no idea what the game was about, since Season 1 was a different format). Dan has won and now has pulled off a huge move against some pretty savvy players.

It certainly could be argued either way. Also, we have to say — the retelling of these events via CBS’ editing doesn’t do them complete justice. The roughly 30 hours from when Dan started solitary to when Jenn uses the POV were incredible to watch on the live feeds.

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