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It should be interesting — all 12 hamsters are competing, which includes the four coaches after they decided to hit the “reset” button and enter the game as individual players. It should be quite a bloodbath, so we hope the competition is set up to go a long time and not so taxing that it actually ends fairly quickly. That’s no fun.

So stay here, we’ll start doing updates as soon as the live feeds return and let us know what’s going on with the endurance competition.

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All times Eastern.

10:09 — Feeds are back and every houseguest is still on the pirate ship. The rain is still pouring down on them.

10:11 — The rain stops for a bit. The ship is continually rocking forward and backward, they keep bending their knees when it rocks forward, to relieve the pressure (presumably).

10:18 — There are fake seagulls flying around them, which is super weird. Wil hilariously turns it into a “Dear Diary” moment.

bird poop big brother hoh 'Big Brother 14' Head of Household live updates10:20 — The hamsters are pelted with “bird poop,” which they claim smells weird. Ew.

10:22 — Dan correctly surmises they’ve been going 20-25 minutes. Everybody else pooh-poohs him, saying it’s only 10, or maybe 15.

10:30 — Everybody’s still hanging tough at the roughly 30-minute mark (guess it’s more like 35 for them). We may be in for a long one, gang.

10:32 — Talk turns to the game reset. Janelle claims she did not hit the button, which is interesting. Boogie also says he didn’t, but he’s telling the truth. Dan and Britney, if they said anything, we missed it. They’re also trying to figure out how many evictions are left (and whether there will be a double eviction, or even two).

10:42 — The torrential downpour starts again, but everybody is still hanging in there. Methinks that Big Brother did not design this to be hard enough?

10:54 — One hour in and everybody is still up. And there has been more fake bird poop. It sounds like they are really cold.

10:57 — Boogie farts and everybody laughs/gives him crap. Some girl goes, “It was so wet!” and he’s like, “No kidding.” Heh.

11:02BOOGIE DROPS!  He goes, “It’s been fun guys, but I’m out.” Wow, he must feel pretty secure. Then not 15 seconds later JENN DROPS too. Interesting. I hope they get targeted just for being so arrogant as to jump off.

bb hoh joe boogie jenn 'Big Brother 14' Head of Household live updates11:04JOE DROPS. It appeared Joe was hurting more than the other two men, but he jumped off voluntarily, not like he literally had nothing left to give. So that’s three people who think they are pretty safe this week, apparently.

(Sorry we said Dan had dropped. We got confused and it’s hard to see.)

11:21 — 90 minutes into the HOH comp, we’ve still got nine hamsters on the planks.

11:39 — Joe, Jenn and Boogie are talking game. Joe outed Wil lying to Boogie and Frank all week (oooh, that’s dirty) about evicting Joe over Frank, then the three of them started speculating that the first three eliminated from this point forward will just go home — no jury house.

11:42ASHLEY DROPS and it looks like she actually just slipped off. She gave quite a squeal as she tumbled into the water.

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11:44 DAN DROPS, but he took himself out on purpose. He said something about the coaches not being able to do it anymore and jumped off.

11:47 — It really looks like the bigger people are struggling. Shane, Wil, Frank and Janelle are all having a lot more trouble than Ian, Britney and Danielle.

big brother hoh desert island 'Big Brother 14' Head of Household live updates11:54 — Two hours into the competition and seven hamsters are still on the blocks. Who do you think drops next?

12:06 — The dropped hamsters really look like they’re marooned on a desert island. Heh.

12:07FRANK DROPS. Another one bites the dust. I’m not sure he thinks he’s safe this week, I think it was getting pretty tough for him to stay up.

12:14 — Boogie makes a comment about production continually telling the hamsters not to do something, but people keep doing it and he’s wondering when people will start to get DQ’d. I can’t figure out what it is, though, because they go to trivia every time production talks to them.

— Apparently it’s sticking your arms behind the bar that is not allowed and Boogie is complaining. Well, that’s rich, coming from someone who jumped off voluntarily and wasn’t really hurting. Sure, if they’re not supposed to do it, they shouldn’t do it, but you were a big wuss, so pipe down.

12:25 — We’ve hit the 2.5 hour mark and there are six hamsters left. It’s really looking like perhaps a Britney/Ian face-off at the end because they look much more comfortable than the other four left.

12:34 — Danielle is actually holder tougher than I thought she was. And I think she said she could stay up there another week if she has to. Boy, that would be kind of hilarious, no? If Danielle won?

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12:36 — Shane is yelling and screaming in agony, asking Wil how much longer he’s got. And Wil hilariously goes, “You jump, I jump, right?” and then they both drop. SHANE AND WIL ARE OUT.

JANELLE DROPS. She’s bummed that she couldn’t go any longer, but she almost made it three hours. That’s a lot.

12:41 — Britney is thinking about dropping. She starts checking with Ian to make sure she’s good with him and she is probably assuming she’s good with Danielle.

12:43 — So Ian starts assuring Danielle she’s not going up and Danielle is having none of it. She says, “I want to see my family too.”

boogie-frank-HOH-comp.jpg12:44 — Boogie and Frank sneak off into the bushes to talk about how many people were lying about evicting Frank this week. And they start talking about putting up Shane and Janelle if Ian wins the HOH.

12:46 — Danielle say sshe’s ready for her
pep talk from Dan and he pumps her up with talk about how she doesn’t make a deal, she “sets the d*** deal.” It’s great. Kind of rooting for Danielle, honestly. Girlfriend needs to ditch her showmance mentality and play the game.

12:54 — Interestingly, as we pass the three-hour mark, Ian is really hurting. He keeps talking about doing it for his family. But he looks to be in bad shape.

1:00 — Britney wants Ian to ask the other hamsters for privacy so the three of them can make a deal, but nobody actually says anything. Danielle does not seem into making a deal.

1:02 — Wil, Ashley and Shane are in the storage room complaining about how Shane’s HOH was a total waste now and they did all that work and burned all those bridges for nothing. And Ashley points out the worst thing was last year when the newbies let themselves be split apart by the veterans and got picked off.

1:04 — Ashley seems to think only Dan pressed the reset button. Wonder what makes her think that. Why wouldn’t you assume they all did? Why wouldn’t they? Let’s see — play for $500K or $100K? Big decision.

1:06 — Boogie is telling Frank he’s his Will (no kidding), meanwhile Ian is saying ot Britney if I jump, you jump, right? Just as Boogie and Frank talk about how they need their boy to win HOH. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Ian jumped off while Boogie and Frank are busy in the bedroom being bros?

1:08 — Ian has jumped off while Boogie and Frank pick their noses in the bedroom. So Britney asks Danielle if she’s safe, Danielle says of course and Britney cedes the win to Danielle.

shane-danielle-kiss-HOH-competition.jpgDanielle is the new HOH, y’all!  That’s kind of amazing. Dan gives her a giant hug and tackles her into the water, then Shane jumps in the water and kisses her full on on the lips. Dude, stop toying with that poor girl’s emotions.

So what will this mean for nominations? It’s awesome a coach didn’t win. Do you think Boogie and Frank are the targets?

We’ll be back tomorrow with the nominations!

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