britney danielle big brother 14 'Big Brother 14' house explodes after the Power of Veto Ceremony for Week 7WARNING: This post is about what has been happening on the live feeds. Don’t read it if you don’t want to be spoiled.

The live feeds have gotten rather excellent in the last 24 hours, “Big Brother 14” fans, and we don’t expect them to slow down any time soon. Sign up now to watch for yourself!

The Week 7 Power of Veto Ceremony took place and it sounds as though Ian had to decide about his special Veto first, then Jenn got to use her POV. Ian chose not to use his, so Jenn used hers to take down Dan (per the new final four alliance plan) and Frank put up Britney as the renom.

Britney is understandably gobsmacked and Danielle is acting like she’s shocked and sorry too — Danielle has to sell this or she’ll get voted out over Britney.

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Ian is the one losing his mind. He and Frank got into a shouting match because Ian feels totally betrayed. His argument is that he said he wouldn’t use his Veto because Frank said if Ian did, he would put Britney up. That was the leverage, so Ian is mad that he didn’t use his Veto and then Britney went up. But that wasn’t the deal. It was only for Ian’s Veto, not Jenn’s Veto.

Ian is storming around the house, he’s so angry at getting played. Which is so hilarious because a week ago he was backstabbing Boogie/Frank and they were storming around mad and calling Ian and Shane nasty names. The shoe’s on the other foot now, Ian. Suck it up, kiddo.

Ian rationalizes it as his fast-forward HOH was a “split second decision” and Frank had all week to plan this out. Which is total crap. Ian was masterminding Frank/Boogie’s downfall way before he won HOH. It’s rather hilarious how self-righteous Ian is acting.

UPDATE: Ian and Frank get into it again and Ian is so bothered by getting played. He fancies himself quite the intellectual mastermind and he just cannot handle this. We almost expect him to start repeating, “Does not compute, does not compute” over and over while walking into a wall. It’s hilarious. Seriously, get the live feeds if you haven’t already.

Frank keeps pointing out to Ian that Ian didn’t have “three seconds” to decide anything. He had a whole week masterminding Boogie’s eviction and Ian can’t stop harping on his fast-forward HOH, which isn’t even the issue.

To her immense credit, Britney level-headedly talks to Frank, she understands why she’s on the block. Her leaving will leave Shane and Ian kind of floundering. She’s sad, but she gets it and is being very adult about it. That’s not to say Britney’s not going to fight to stay — and it’s not a foregone conclusion she’s leaving. The votes are Shane, Ian, Joe, Jenn and Dan. It really depends on which way Joe votes, assuming Shane sticks with his coach and not his “showmance.”

We wonder if there was a rule that Frank couldn’t put Ian up as a renom even after he decided not to use his Veto? Because Ian would have been a good target this week.

The feeds should continue to be interesting, as we watch Britney and Danielle fight against each other for votes.

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