ian big brother 14 'Big Brother 14': Ian making a new alliance?The “Big Brother 14” feeds were down for awhile following the live show double eviction, but when they came back, oh how things seem to have changed. Sign up for the live feeds to follow along this week.

When the feeds came back, Ian and Frank had a heart-to-heart chat in the storage room and it appears they have agreed to work together. Ian was spinning all sorts of “Dan made me do it” and “I don’t know what came over me” and “I was possessed” and Frank is either A) choosing to ignore Ian’s duplicity because he has very few allies left (if any) in the house, or B) is even stupider than we thought to think that Ian really just went kind of crazy under Dan’s mind control.

Either way, it’s a very smart move on Ian’s part, since he can’t play for the next HOH and just put Frank on the block after masterminding the eviction of Frank’s BFF. We’re glad Ian didn’t back down on his plan to remove Boogie — Frank is better off without him and now it might be kind of fun to watch Frank and Ian shake up the house.

Meanwhile, Danielle is crying about something. Must be Thursday. It sounds like while the feeds were down, somebody was mean to her. But we can’t quite suss out what happened. Guess we’ll have to wait for one of the million times she retells the story later.

And finally, it sounds like Shane and Britney really want to win the next HOH and are going to fight hard. Britney says she wants to put up Joe and a pawn and then backdoor Frank.

The next HOH may be tonight, but it may not be until tomorrow. Keep checking with Zap2it, or sign up for the live feeds.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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