frank boogie big brother 14 2 'Big Brother 14': Is another coach on the line this week?Frank and Boogie have been hard at work playing the scenarios in the “Big Brother 14” house about who they should nominate for their Frank’s Head of Household week. Sign up for the live feeds to see if they can pull off a big time move.

So, the gruesome twosome have tossed around the idea of a fairly big move — backdooring Dan. Frank’s thinking is that they nominate Joe and Wil, then use the Power of Veto to take one of them off and put Dan up in his place. His odds are pretty good — Shane gets to play automatically and obviously if Frank, Joe or Wil win, someone can come down. And if it doesn’t work out, then Joe can go home (because nobody likes Joe). Frank is seriously itching to get Dan out.

Boogie is not so quick to embrace this idea, however. Not because he doesn’t want Dan out. He definitely does, because he knows Dan is a huge threat to win because he’s so likable and charismatic. But he cautions Frank that it might be a bit early to completely disassemble the Silent Six alliance because then they are on their own — no one will trust them again.

However, then Wil comes to Frank and Boogie and seems to be “no hard feelings” if he has to go on the block and how he won’t make any promises for next week in terms of who he would nominate if he won HOH. Wil knows the Silent Six are working together and he is kind of arrogant about his place in the house because of the anti-Joe feelings.

So now Frank and Boogie don’t trust him at all because he didn’t even try to placate them or make them a deal. They also think Jenn and Ashley will change their votes if Frank and Boogie put the pressure on them to vote Wil out. We’re not so sure that’s true, though (that Jenn and Ashley will flip). But it’ll be interesting to watch.

Also, Frank and Boogie are looking for a pawn to put up so Wil doesn’t even get to play for Power of Veto and of course, nobody wants to be the pawn.

The hamsters are going to be called for the Have/Have Not competition any minute and then nominations should be tonight, so stay tuned for updates (or just sign up for the live feeds to watch how it all plays out).

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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