dan big brother 14 'Big Brother 14': Is the Quack Pack back?The “Big Brother 14” endurance competition put a new Head of Household in power Thursday night (Aug. 30). Keep reading to find out who he or she wants to target — or sign up for the live feeds three-day free trial and watch for yourselves.

Ian is the new HOH, after Shane dropped out of the HOH comp once Ian promised Shane and Danielle were safe this week. But who is Ian targeting?

Frank and Jenn. Which — we aren’t sure that’s Ian’s smartest move.

Late in the night, once Frank got called into the Diary Room, Ian reassembled the Quack Pack in the HOH room and they realigned. Since Shane and Danielle are a pair, now Ian and Dan are kind of a pair too (more by default).

The plan is to nominate Frank and Jenn with Joe as the renom option. Which is so interesting because Ian is blaming Frank for this entire last week (losing his ally Britney), when in reality that was all Dan. And Ian can’t see it.

Sure, Frank didn’t have to go along with it and neither did Jenn, but it does not take a genius to figure out who was pulling the strings. Frank and Jenn haven’t proven themselves to have much in the way of “game,” strategy-wise. How Ian doesn’t see how dangerous Dan is is kind of astounding.

That being said, Dan will probably be easier to beat in the finals than Frank, since Frank has been a beast in keeping himself in the game, while Dan has already won the money once. But after the crazy stuff he’s pulled off, people might be inclined to still reward him just for being the best player.

It’s also a little surprising Ian doesn’t want to save Frank as the renom. He does win a lot of competitions, but if it doesn’t work, they’ve got next week too — he can’t play for HOH. We think this week we’d roll the dice with putting Joe and Jenn on the block and hoping that Frank will be available to put up with no chance at POV.

What do you think, hamster fans? Nominations will be later today, so stay tuned. 

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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