big brother 14 danielle ashley 'Big Brother 14': Is this the worst season ever?Beware, “Big Brother 14” fans. It’s about to get real up in here — but this will include discussion of the live feeds, so watch out if you don’t want any spoilers.

So, is this the worst season of “Big Brother” ever? It’s starting to feel that way.

First off, the new “fad” of bringing back past contestants to “Survivor” and “Big Brother” is tired. It was tired awhile ago. An All-Star season is one thing, and even those should be used sparingly, but this has gotten ridiculous.

At first, we had hope for BB14. The idea of coaches with a team seemed somewhat intriguing, even if the show botched the concept right out of the gate by having one houseguest sent packing the first night.

However, talk on the live feeds quickly turned to when (not if) the coaches would enter the game. The coaches never came right out and said it (not at first), but it seemed fairly obvious they had been told they would enter the game as players at some point.

Which set off the whole Willie saga that actually wasn’t good TV or live feeds fodder. And the problem is that Willie was right — the newbies are already a little star-struck by the veterans and then to have been automatically put into a subordinate position (coach/player) made for a really dull dynamic.

Why can’t we just get 14 interesting people and watch them play “Big Brother”? Is that too much to ask? Are people really clamoring to see 42-year-old Mike Boogie back in the house for the third time?

Things looked mildly interesting when Janelle got put on the block as a replacement at POV, but the Janelle from seasons past who would have wheeled, dealed, manipulated and schemed her way into staying was nowhere to be seen. And she left the house with very little fanfare.

Now Boogie’s puppet Frank wins HOH and targets Joe and Wil, winning POV and leaving his nominations the same. BOR-ING. The entire season just feels so lackluster and the feeds are ridiculously dull.

There has only been one fight, there has been very little scheming, there haven’t even been any silly games. Plus, the person in charge of the button to go to fish every time somebody is doing anything they aren’t supposed to be doing is a little quick on the trigger, so even trying to watch the feeds for fun things is a chore.

The ratings have been down for “Big Brother” all summer and they aren’t going to improve any time soon with the way this snoozefest is shaping up.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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