jenn danielle dan big brother 14 'Big Brother 14': Jenn Arroyo sent to jury; new Head of HouseholdWhen “Big Brother 14” kicks off and Julie Chen informs us the hamsters have no idea she’s there, she’s not joking. At the taping of this eviction episode, the houseguests were caught totally off guard by Julie and the live audience — Shane didn’t have pants on. At least no one was in the shower.

Post Nominations

Shane and Jenn are on the block, not that it really matters that much once everyone plays for Veto. Jenn expresses disbelief that Dan keeps staying off the block — no kidding, girl. It’s called the Dan Mist. He’s like a warlock or something.

Meanwhile, Shane has no idea that he’s the real target. And in the on-going saga that is Danielle being delusional about a showmance, Danielle is starting to think maybe Shane is just not that into her. Uh, ya think?

Power of Veto

The POV is flying through the air and assembling a puzzle. Every 20 seconds your board demagnetizes and drops all your puzzle pieces, unless you fly through the air and hit the button again — and if you don’t do that fast enough, you’re out for good. Ha, that’s fun. And there’s a special luxury prize for the winner.

Dan and Shane are not only better at keeping an eye on the clock, but they seem to have an easier time with the flying, which is not shocking, they’re the most athletic. But Jenn also gets a rhythm going and is right in it.

Hilariously, Ian starts helping Shane, obviously thinking Quack Pack forever, while Dan is like, “Shut up, Ian” in his head because Shane’s the real target. But Shane wins the POV. Sorry, Dan.

The Luxury Trip

Shane takes Danielle on the luxury trip outside the house, which is in his best interest so she doesn’t stab him in his sleep, though the music swelling when he picks her would have us think he just proposed. On the trip, they meet the U.S. women’s gymnastics team, who are all forced to pretend they have any idea who Shane and Danielle are. It’s not inconceivable that maybe they watch “Big Brother,” but not the summer of the Olympics. They’ve been a little busy, ya know?

And also, like Shane and Danielle really know them. All the stuff they’ve gotten really famous for has happened since “Big Brother” started. This is silly. Seriously, this is so silly.

It’s funny how Danielle says he’s “being so super sweet today, which is nice,” which is hilarious — as opposed to those days he’s a big a-hole. Though admittedly, outside the house, Shane is acting like he’s actually kind of into Danielle. Maybe he is. But the live feeds would kind of tell a different story.

The Power of Veto Ceremony

Ian has to put up either Danielle or Dan and since he’s totally QP loyal again, he has to put up Danielle in order to ensure Jenn’s eviction. If Ian was smart, he’d put up Dan and get him out, because Dan is the only threat in the Final 2 to beat Ian, I think. But Ian seems the type to want to beat the best, so he is hanging tight to Dan.

The Eviction

It’s pretty anticlimactic. Shane and Dan are the votes and they aren’t going to keep Jenn over Danielle. They both really like Danielle, plus they’re kind of guaranteed to beat her in Final 2. To Jenn’s credit, she knows she’s going and she’s just very gracious and full of kind words. She seems like a really nice girl.

The Head of Household Comp

Now this is where the episode actually gets interesting. This HOH is pretty big — guaranteed Final 3. It’s a true/false Q&A comp, seven questions. At the end, Dan and Danielle are tied at six points, with Shane at five, so they go to tiebreaker. The question is in the time flies Veto, how many seconds elapsed from the starting horn to the finishing bell — Danielle says 155 and Dan says 626. The answer is 584. Dan is way closer, but he goes over. Ouch.

So Dani can actually win something. We were starting to think that first HOH was just a fluke. Good for her.

Who do you think she nominates in addition to Ian? Not that it matters, it’s all about Veto this week. Incidentally, we would not be surprised if the feeds are back tonight and the POV takes place late-night, so sign up if you haven’t already.

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