jenn danielle big brother 14 'Big Brother 14': Jenn is self sabotaging, Joe has a panic attackThe “Big Brother 14” live feeds, after two solid weeks of being completely boring, have really stepped it up this week, so thanks to Shane for that.

Monday night (Aug. 20), lots of hamster shenanigans were going on. First off, once Jenn got put on the block as a replacement nominee, she lost her frickin’ mind. In a rather unbelievable way. As Britney was pointing out, Jenn’s life on “Big Brother” has been super easy so far — she’s never been nominated, she’s never been a Have-Not and she won a trip to Maui. It’s also like she’s just realizing six weeks in that she’s playing a game. For money.

Now Jenn is an obvious pawn in the effort to send Boogie home and she’s storming around the house like a complete nincompoop. Way to put a huge target on yourself should Boogie be able to work his Boogie magic. Jenn is being particularly cold/mean towards Danielle, who is not really stable enough to handle someone being mean to her for virtually no reason. It’s the dumbest thing we’ve ever seen. All Jenn has to do is lay low, act like she’s fine with being the pawn and quietly make sure she’s got the votes to stay. Easy peasy, lemon squeezie. But instead, she’s giving Boog a run for his money in the tantrum department.

And what seems to be making her the most mad is that Shane could “only” give her two reasons why she’s nominated. She wanted a laundry list of reasons, we guess? Frankly, if you’re the pawn, what darn difference does it make? It also makes her look really dumb that she can’t see someone had to go on the block and Shane’s best bet was putting up a player who might be a vote for Boogie to stay. Duh!

Meanwhile, Boogie has Frank and Ashley’s votes to stay and he may have gotten Joe’s vote last night. Joe has been working with the Quack Pack, but once Boogie finally got through to him the four on the other side of the house have been aligned for weeks (Brit/Shane/Dan/Dani), Joe seemed to reconsider his allegiance. It does offer him a slightly better position.

If Jenn does manage to get evicted (Ian would have to flip), then the house would be Boogie/Joe/Frank/Ashley vs. Brit/Shane/Dan/Dani with Ian floating somewhere in the middle, though if he flipped on the Boogie plan, his chances of ever getting the Quack Pack to trust him again are pretty slim, so we still feel fairly confident that Boogie is going home.

In other news, Boogie, Frank and Jenn are so mad about how this week has gone for them that all they can do is sit around and slam on the people in the other alliance. It’s really kind of sad. They make fun of Shane’s tan and his puka shell necklace, Boogie says he’s going to throw Dan’s Bible over the wall and all his t-shirts in the pool, Jenn says she wants to make Danielle cry. It’s so juvenile.

Finally, in non-game-related events, Joe had a bit of a panic attack last night. He started sweating profusely and shaking, then the medic in the Diary Room said his blood pressure was too high and checked it a few more times throughout the night, also giving him a pill. It appears that by bedtime, Joe had things under control, so that’s good.

We like exciting live feeds, but not heart-attack exciting.

Stay tuned here for any word on Pandora’s Box. We’re still kind of waiting to see if the plastic block with the question mark that appeared in the claw machine rears its ugly this week.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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