ashley ian shane danielle big brother 14 'Big Brother 14' live feed HOH endurance competition updatesIt’s time for another “Big Brother 14” Head of Household endurance competition. But it’s not one where they withstand something for three hours, it’s a run-back-and-forth challenge. Wil would have been really good at this, we bet, so it’s a bummer he’s gone.

Stick around here for updates from the live feeds, or sign up for the live feeds yourself with the three-day free trial and follow along. Who are you rooting for to win the HOH competition? It’d be nice to see the power shift, so perhaps Joe, Jenn or Ashley can pull one out?

The twist involving the Safety and $10,000 jugs is awesome, it’ll be interesting to see who goes for those. We’ll be here all night, updating you as soon as the feeds come back. Hopefully it doesn’t take all night long.

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All times Eastern.

10:10 – Ian and Shane are going for HOH, Ashley is going for Safety and Boogie is going for the money.

10:13 – Danielle is going for HOH and it appears Dan and Britney are going for safety (we think).

10:14 – Joe appears to also be going for safety.

10:15 – Jenn is also going for safety, so it’s Joe/Jenn/Dan/Britney for safety. And Britney is killing it, she’s so far ahead.

10:17 – HOH is going to come down to Ian vs. Shane. Danielle keeps falling and Ashley is way out of it. She can’t move very fast because of her back problems.

10:19 – We stand corrected — Danielle is second in HOH to Shane. Ian is in third. Can Danielle catch Shane? Sign up for the live feeds to find out!

10:22 – Britney has the Safety jug full, so it looks like she’s safe. Though she should’ve maybe thought that out better, because Shane wouldn’t nominate her anyway and he’s probably going to win.

10:26 – Are you allowed to quit these competitions? I mean, there is very little point for some of these guys, like Ashley.

10:28 – Britney asks production if Safety means safe from Have-Not. We’d have to think it doesn’t.

10:32 – It looks like now that Britney has Safety, the former Safety-goers are going for HOH. Boogie still appears to be the only one going for the money.

10:35 – Danielle is definitely in second place, but Shane is pretty far ahead. Who do you think he’ll nominate? How boring if he goes after Jenn/Ashley/Joe, right? Let’s pray for a shake-up, guys.

10:38 – Shane is only at the halfway point, though. Yikes. What an exhausting HOH comp.

– Mike is almost done with the money jug, so that’ll be $16,000 won for him so far this game. Do you think there’s any chance (if he ever had any) to win at the end now?

10:50 – Mike has pulled his cork out, so that’s 10K to him.

11:02 – Danielle wants to know how close Dan is to her. Because she’s really excited about second place? Hmm.

11:04 – Are there no Have-Nots this week? Britney said that, we wonder if production told them there are no Have-Nots. So they’re trying to figure out sleeping arrangements.

11:12 – Shane is getting very close. We’ll definitely be here tomorrow to let you know who he puts on the block. Who are you hoping he nominates?

11:29 – Shane has won HOH, roughly 90 minutes. Not too shabby, it seems like we’ve seen these go longer than that.

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