big brother 14 premiere 2 'Big Brother 14' live feeds live blog updatesDid you watch the “Big Brother 14” premiere Thursday night (July 12)? It was pretty darn good — the concept of mentors/coaches is fun, especially since they aren’t competing for the prize, which always seems a bit unfair.

We didn’t love that Dan had to send someone home right away. A person goes through all that process (and this person was a huge fan of the show) and then gets sent home before one night has even gone by? That sucks. Plus, there are only 12 people. Why do they need to get rid of someone early? The mentors presumably are not eligible for nomination?

Anyway, the live feeds and “Big Brother After Dark” kick off at 1 a.m. ET/10 p.m. PT, so check back here for updates as to what is happening in the house. We should know nominees at this point at least. Or you can sign up for the live feeds%name 'Big Brother 14' live feeds live blog updates so you won’t miss a minute of the action all summer long. All times Eastern.

1:00 – Here we go, gang. Let’s find out who’s first on the chopping block!

1:01 – We join Willie, Ashley, Wil and JoJo hanging out in the HOH room, while Janelle, Boogie, Britney, Cara, Dan and Ian hang in the kitchen.

1:02 – JoJo isn’t nominated, her key is in the wall. At this point, we only have BB After Dark, no feeds yet.

1:05 – Everybody seems to just be chilling in the kitchen. Nothing too interesting happening at this point.

1:10 – Ian is apparently giving updates, but the cameras don’t switch over fast enough. He does tell us Ashley and Danielle are have-nots. But thanks to Ian for having the wherewithal to tell us things.

1:11 – It sounds like Cara is nominated and she’s really upset/nervous about it. Frank is the other nominee. The POV competitors are Willie, Shane, JoJo, Frank, Cara and … Danielle?

1:13 – Boogie is campaigning to keep Frank to Willie in the HOH room and Willie’s not revealing anything. Boogie wants to know who Willie sees as expendable. Plus, Willie says that Cara is a huge threat to him. Hmm. She really is, she’s a strong competitor — we thought so from the moment we met her.

1:20 – Willie and Boogie are saying they trust each other and whatnot. Hmm. Meanwhile, Janelle is gathering JoJo, Britney and Cara to chat.

1:25 – The girls are trashing Boogie, talking about how skanky his “homance” with Erika was on All-Stars. Nobody likes Boogie. Heh.

1:32 – There is apparently a weekly Coaches’ Competition. Janelle has also mentioned something about a “coaches suite.” So that’s interesting.

1:33 – Frank tells Boogie in the storage room that Shane wants to work with Frank and if he wins POV, he’s thinking about taking Frank off. But Willie wants the noms to stay the same and get Cara out.

– It sounds like Boogie won the Coaches Comp. We wonder what he won? Did he make Ashley and Danielle have-nots? Or was that a separate competition?

1:48 – The hamsters get alcohol and it sounds like all the girls are getting it tonight and they’re going to give all the alcohol tomorrow night to the guys so that they all get more at a time? That does make sense.

1:56 – JoJo just like lost her mind trying to be “right” about why Wil isn’t drinking with the women. She’s intense and needs to dial it back a bit.

– Boogie seems to have gotten to Willie. He’s telling Britney that Cara needs to go and they need to protect Frank because Boogie won’t gun for him next week. Which Britney says may be total crap – Boogie is pitting everyone against everyone else in the house already.

Well, the feeds have revealed all the pertinent information and not much is happening, so we’re signing off. We’ll be back tomorrow with anything interesting. Hopefully they have the POV competition, but we’ll see.

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