mike boogie big brother 14 'Big Brother 14': Mike Boogie calls a house meetingThere were some fireworks in the “Big Brother 14” house Tuesday night (read all about them here), so in response to the fireworks, Mike Boogie called a house meeting Wednesday morning (Aug. 22). Find out what he had to say, or sign up for the live feeds to see how this affects Wacky Wednesday.

Boogie says:

I obviously heard everything that went on last night and I’d rather just, ya know, it’s fine. Vote me out. Let’s leave all the negativity aside, whether it’s a live show and I leave tonight, or it’s 30 more hours … I don’t want having [Ian and Ashley] cry and turning this into something it doesn’t need to be.

The reason I was in bed and not doing my own work was because I knew about [Joe’s] blood pressure and you told Ashley you were sick of me trying to get your vote, so I was trying to be respectful of that.

There’s no grave to dance on. I got tricked, three people in this room got tricked into playing a game, and it changed. I’ve already won this, I have nothing to prove to anyone inside this room or outside this room. I’m happy to go back to my life, and I don’t want people crying and fighting and saying things they will be embarrassed about later.

I don’t have anything negative to say when I stand up … it’s really not that big of a deal. I just want to erase and leave all the negativity aside.

So that was Boogie’s little speech. Which is all well and good, except where was this attitude when he got put on the block next to Frank and bashed Shane? Or when Jenn got put up as a replacement nominee and Boogie confronted Shane about being Dan’s “b****.”

It is so hypocritical to be one of the biggest stuff-starters in the house, one of the biggest crap-talkers, and then get up on your high horse to tell the house to be nice to each other. Practice what you preach, dude.

Furthermore, stop acting like you got tricked into playing “Big Brother.” While you, Boogie, may not have pushed the reset button, you have said on the live feeds that you knew the coaches would get to enter the game when you signed up for this season.

UPDATE: At 8:27 a.m. in the house, Boogie said to his cohorts in re: Joe, “I’m gonna serve this n**** up today.” So, that’s lovely.

What do you think, hamster fans? Is Boogie full of it?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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