mike boogie malin big brother 14 'Big Brother 14': Mike Boogie has a little fit, Frank is right there with himIt did not take long after the latest Power of Veto ceremony in the “Big Brother 14” house for Mike Boogie to start behaving like a mad little kid. Read on to find out some spoilers from the live feeds.

So, Shane nominated Froogie and when Frank won POV and took himself off, Shane smartly put up Jenn in his place — she’s one vote Boogie can’t have to stay, plus she’s well liked in the house and not nearly as big a threat as Boogie is. So bye-bye, Boogie.

And it took about 30 minutes for Boogie to start harassing Shane about his decision, definitely showing the maturity of a 42-year-old father.

Boogie says to Shane, in front of several other houseguests:

“You’re just lookin’ like Dan’s b**** right now. That’s how everybody feels. You’re just Dan’s bitch and he’s laughing in there. I can’t wait to watch you get done wrong … You should be very worried ’cause you’re sitting on the sidelines while other people play for HOH and now the Captain America nice guy routine has been exposed. You’re in a lot of trouble, son. You better hope your boss wins HOH.”

Frank (who interestingly is way more Boogie’s lapdog than Shane is Dan’s), chimes in:

“We feel like f***ing yo-yos right now … you can stuff your ‘sorrys’ in a sack, man … It’s the truth, Shane. You weren’t my target at all now. It’s great for Dan because he goes from no. 1 on my s*** list to no. 2.”

And there is absolutely no point at all to this. The nominations are set. All Boogie is doing is making it easier to evict. Plus, this all just smacks of him having a fit because Shane/Dan/Britney turned on Froogie before Froogie could turn on them. Last week, they wanted to backdoor Dan and they didn’t. You snooze, you lose.

Is Shane going to have a target on his back? Certainly and if Frank wins HOH, he better watch out. Jenn also could be a problematic HOH for the other side of the house.

But Shane made a big game move and Boogie’s just a sore loser because he didn’t do it first. So the ugly comes out. Also, it’s so hilarious that they keep just spinning this “you weren’t our target” BS because Ian ratted them out to Shane! That’s why they got nominated!

Shane, to his immense credit, does not rise to the bait. He doesn’t raise his voice, he says he’s sorry, but it’s not personal, and he says he was happy with his decision. He also rightly points out that he could not have told Froogie he wasn’t going to go with their plan to backdoor Dan. Production would’ve put a kibosh on that ASAP because you aren’t really allowed to reveal your plans as HOH, so the editors can edit the show the most suspenseful way.

In the end, Boogie promises there’s going to be “a f***ing war” this week in the house, so get your live feeds now and watch the fireworks. They are currently working on Joe’s vote for Boogie to stay. Right now, they only for sure have Frank and Ashley. They think they have Ian.

UPDATE: Joe actually calls Boogie and Frank out on bullying Shane. Maybe bullying isn’t the exact right word for Joe to use, but he’s right in that they’re confronting him in an aggressive manner because he played the game. And he’s exactly right that they’re just mad because Shane got them.

And Joe points out that it sucks for them, but Shane played the game and their confrontation and technique kind of smacks of bullying. Boogie argues, “You’re only saying it’s bullying because he’s not saying anything back.”

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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