ian shane big brther 141 'Big Brother 14': One player to miss next two HOH competitionsThe “Big Brother 14” Week 7 Power of Veto competition was a “how far would you go” competition that meted out no luxuries and all punishments. Sign up now for the live feeds to watch them play out this week.

We figured out most of the punishments Saturday night (Aug. 25) when the feeds returned, but one big one wasn’t discussed until after we called it a night. Frank cannot play in the next two HOH competitions.

Now, on the one hand, that may have been a smart punishment to take because he can’t play in next week’s anyway. However, considering how alone he is in the house, we aren’t sure that was the smartest move on his part. As Ian points out, Frank just kind of threw away his game to get Dan out.

Dan is on the block and Frank desperately wanted to win POV to keep the nominations the same, so he accepted the HOH punishment. But then he ended up getting DQ’d for what sounds like shouting out the answers without buzzing in? It’s unclear.

Either way, Frank has got to be sweating the next two weeks. He has to keep winning POV because we cannot see the remaining players keeping him off the block.

In other news, the feeds are kind of funny right now because Dan is in solitary confinement with techno music and Frank has to take a chum bath every hour.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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