big brother 14 pandoras box 'Big Brother 14': Pandora's Box puts two Vetos in play this weekOn the latest issue of “Big Brother 14,” Frank may continue to be a beast in competitions, but he shows off some rather ugly sides of his personality.

The Double Eviction Show

This mostly consists of Frank storming around like he’s got ‘roid rage and saying some kind of ugly things to Ian and Joe. It’s actually rather surprising the editors are showing Frank in this light, since he seems to be the golden boy this season. But he’s coming off as a huge jerk.

The crowning achievement is when Frank calls Ian a “terrible person” for sending home the two people who Frank was working with. Um, you claim you are a fan of this game, Frank? THAT’S HOW THE GAME IS PLAYED. You got played. You got straight-up played and you’re lucky it wasn’t your butt going out the door and you need to stop being such a bully to Ian.

“Y’all should feel ashamed of yourselves! Doing that to Ian … ” – um, what did anybody do to Ian? Ian makes his own decisions and Frank needs to lay off the steroids and admit he got got this week.

And then Frank becomes convinced that Dan is the mastermind who “talked” Ian into all the things he has done, which is kind of amazing. So he vows that Dan is his target if he wins HOH, which sends Danielle into hysterics.

Head of Household Competition

It’s a ball game where they establish seeds, leaving Dan and Frank as the two lowest seeds. Frank manages to win all the way up the ladder to become the new HOH. Wow, though his amount of practice as a low seed is a major advantage. But seriously, Frank needs to go. Who can beat him in the finals? Nobody.

Is anybody rooting for Frank? We’re honestly curious. Not everybody in the house is super likable, but Frank is d-bag, for us. Is it because we watch the live feeds? Do the people who only watch CBS shows like him? Let us know in the comments, we’re asking for real.

At this point, it’s just a matter of who Frank puts up against Dan on the block, since Dan being nominated is a foregone conclusion.

Pandora’s Box

Frank gets PB during his HOH. He opens it and it gets to open three cubes of his choosing and will get to keep the money total. He opens $1.05, $7.11 and $3333.33, so it could’ve been worse for him.

Meanwhile, downstairs the houseguests get to compete for a second Veto. They are pelted with balls and some of them have quarters inside, which lets them play the claw machine for the golden veto ball.

Britney comes so close to getting the Veto, but the claw drops it. Meanwhile, Britney is acting all offended about Dan working so hard to win the extra Veto. Um, of course he is. This game is ultimately every man for himself, but this week, it does behoove the Quack Pack to have one of their members win the Veto. If I were Frank’s big target, I’d be busting my butt too.

Ian ends up winning and everybody is kind of annoyed at his attitude. It is a little weird. Ian is a fun player, but he gets a little power and it’s like his ego skyrockets.

Either way, neither Dan or Ian’s behavior during the PB competition was extraordinarily stellar, but neither one of them were huge a-holes either, so everybody should just calm down.

The Nominations

Frank is leaning towards Dan and Ian, which is the smart play because it flushes out the special Veto. Ian would be forced to use it on himself, so that seems like the best play. We’re very curious as to the rules of the special Veto. Can it only be used this week? Does it have to be used between Nominations and POV? Can it be used after the POV comp and ceremony? Lots of questions.

Britney does the math about two Vetos and the five Quack Packers, so she’s working hard to get Frank to put up Dan and Danielle.

In the end, Frank puts up Dan and Danielle, which kind of makes no sense to us.

What do you think, hamster fans?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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