dan frank big brother 14 'Big Brother 14': Power of Veto competition gives the house a chance to get out ...The Power of Veto competition for Week 8 is over in the “Big Brother 14” house and the houseguests actually look to be seizing an opportunity. Keep reading to find out who is in danger, or get the live feeds to watch it play out for yourself.

New HOH Ian put Frank and Jenn on the block this week, with Joe as his possible renom choice after realigning with the Quack Pack members (specifically Dan, which is interesting).

The Veto comp was the annual Otev question-and-answer competition and in a bit of a surprise, Dan won the Veto. He seems to really want to pay Jenn back for last week and is going to take her off the block — which isn’t exactly a huge game move, but definitely a good PR move.

Obviously, since Frank is the target, it doesn’t hurt Dan to return the Veto favor to Jenn since she stays in the house either way. So he looks good, Jenn’s happy and Frank still leaves.

Joe will be the renom and anything can happen, but the hamsters realize this is the only time Frank is on the block without a Veto (other than when production reset the game and saved his butt), so it sounds like they are seizing the opportunity to get out such a strong player.

It’s always a shame when someone playing as strong as Frank is outlasted by players like Joe, Danielle, Jenn and Shane, none of whom have been exactly beasts in the house, either in comps or strategy. But Frank is just way too big a threat to win — we’d want him out too.

What do you think, hamster fans? Can Frank save himself this week?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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