danielle dan big brother 14 'Big Brother 14': Power of Veto results for Week 7The Power of Veto competition has taken place in the “Big Brother 14” house for Week 7. Find out who won the POV — and sign up for the live feeds to find out how the two Vetos are going to play out this week.

Frank won Power of Veto, so that’s rather uninteresting. We can’t really see him using the POV to remove one of his own nominees, since Dan is his target. The question will be whether Ian uses it take Dan down, though we can’t really see him doing that since his “perfect scenario” of Britney or Shane winning POV didn’t happen.

UPDATE: Hold the phone. Now it sounds like Jenn won POV. We’ll keep you posted.

Yes, Jenn won the Power of Veto. Not quite as uninteresting as if Frank had won, but Jenn has already said to Danielle she’s keeping the nominations the same. That would really be in her own best interest.

It would be interesting if Jenn had to decide before Ian has to decide. She could not use the POV, then he could take Dan off and Jenn could go up, with no POV. Not that Frank would do that, but wouldn’t that be a kick in the pants?

There’s still a chance somebody uses their Veto and Joe goes up and then out the door, but we can’t really see Ian or Jenn making that choice.

As far as punishments go, Frank is dressed as a carrot (for a week, maybe?), Britney and Danielle have to be shackled together for 24 hours and Dan has to be in the Have-Not room for 24 hours by himself and it appears to be like a disco, with rave music and strobe lights. It sounds like Jenn had to burn some of her clothes and took slop for the rest of the summer.

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