shane danielle big brother  'Big Brother 14': Shane continues to be a competitive threat“Big Brother 14” picks up Wednesday night (July 25) with Willie’s eviction, which has pushed the nominations to tonight along with the Power of Veto competition and ceremony.

Willie’s expulsion has Britney annoyed and her players scared because they voted to evict Frank. Meanwhile, Boogie and Janelle are totally gross in their celebrating of this. Where was this Boogie love a week ago when you were talking about his genital warts on the live feeds, Janelle?

Boogie also floats an idea to backdoor Shane (by putting up Danielle and someone from the Diversity alliance), but when you don’t get to pick your own POV players, that’s a risky move. His alliance rightly is like, “Uh, no, dummy. We are not down with that.”

JoJo wants her time to talk to the alliance, saying it’s “obvious” she deserves to stay in the house. Um, based on what? Certainly not based on the mealy-mouthed excuses she gives Frank, who is right to say that he doesn’t have to give her a chance for sticking with her “team.” He doesn’t. He’s targeting Willie’s cohorts and it sucks, but that’s how it goes, Jojo. You did make a bad decision.

Nominations and POV

Predictably, Frank nominates JoJo and Shane. He points out he’s giving them the chance to save themselves by winning POV, which is true. Backdooring isn’t quite what it used to be since POV is chosen as random, but it can still be done. Shane should feel lucky he gets to compete because he’s an actual competitor (as opposed to JoJo, who kind of sucks at everything).

The POV players are Frank, JoJo, Shane, Ian, Ashley and Wil, so no chance for Danielle to win Veto and save someone and herself.

The POV is searching through giant bowls of dip to assemble a Mexican dinner menu that replicates one they are allowed to look at. It’s kind of gross, but not as bad as it looked like it would be.

Ian is bragging about his near photographic memory, but it doesn’t help him win. Meanwhile, Ashley is hilariously standing there just staring at the master menu while the sound editors delightfully put in, like, tweeting birds. Oh, Ashley. And she’s the last person to get her menu full, by a wide margin. She just kind of flits around like a fairy princess meets crunchy-granola hippie girl, it’s funny.

Shane ends up winning, which is fun. We like him in the house. Britney is pumped because she knows Shane a much better team member than JoJo. Meanwhile, Danielle is not a happy camper. She knows she’s the replacement.

Wheeling and Dealing

Shane immediately starts working on Frank and Boogie to align with him. The key component, for Boogie, is that Shane keeps his mouth shut. And he appears to do so. Meanwhile, Dan continues to be the worst coach ever by telling Danielle he’s not going to help her, but there’s stuff she can do to stay.

So Danielle has a meltdown. She feels abandoned and something about Shane and her mascara is running and who even knows? This whole “team” thing is so stupid. Willie was right about one thing — these hamsters are like brainwashed into thinking they have to play with their team members. Um, who cares about your team? And who cares if your coach wins? This is the worst twist ever.

Shane decides he needs to save the crying Danielle and he wants to make a deal with Frank to put up Wil and then promise Shane, JoJo and Danielle will not nominate Frank if any of them win HOH. Something tells us Frank can do math and will stick with his numbers alliance to knock out Dan’s team (and therefore Dan), plus it’s a little early to shake up the house that much when you have a big alliance. So there really is no suspense going into the Veto meeting.

And yes, Frank nominates Danielle. Can Coach Dan and his secret plan keep Danielle in the house? Hmmm.

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