boogie dan big brother 14 'Big Brother 14': The coaches hit the reset buttonJulie Chen welcomes us to “Big Brother 14” with some nonsense about the “votes are in,” like that has anything to do with whether or not the coaches come into the game. But yes, let’s play along with the narrative that America has all this power to turn the game on its head.

You know what would’ve been funny/cool? If America’s Vote let us pick which coach(es) got to enter the game. So we could vote in everybody but Boogie. *snicker*

Post POV Ceremony

Boogie is “perturbed” that he has to actually do something. Meanwhile, Ashley acts like she is some gamer who got the HOH to use POV on her. Has Ashley done anything in this game other than blindly bop along and let things happen to her?


Ian is freaking out about Frank being put on the block. It’s like he has finally woken up to game play, since with his team intact, he hasn’t really had to play very hard yet. He confesses to Frank and Mike that he gave Britney a wishy-washy answer about Shane going on the block because he didn’t want to “write a check he can’t cash.” Frank and Boogie are a little dumbstruck that he would act like it’s wrong to lie. Seriously, dude. You’re a fan of this show, get with the program. Frank rightly points out that while Shane/Britney have the power, you can’t give “magic 8-ball answers.” Heh.

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Meanwhile, Janelle is talking big about how hard she worked this week to keep Wil off the block and he doesn’t like it. So he starts talking smack about her to Joe.


Joe tells Janelle, Janelle turns on the waterworks and makes up with Wil. But at least Wil is smart enough not to buy what she is selling, but pretend to buy it. It’ll be interesting to see if these two stick together when the coaches enter the game.

Meanwhile, Boogie and Frank are going after Dan hardcore to get Danielle’s vote to vote out Joe. But Danielle is blinded by her giant crush on Shane, so she doesn’t want to hear it. Frankly, I’m with Danielle on this one — Boogie not trustworthy at all and Frank is his Will 2.0. Do not let them stick around together.

The Hamsters

Julie checks in with the houseguests and of course, we must revisit Shane and Danielle’s “nomance.” *siiiiiigh*  And then we have some Janelle porn from the Coaches Comp. Which is actually pretty hilarious. ALso, what is Julie wearing? It’s like a yellow potato sack. I’m sure full-body shots are pretty, but the shots where she is cut off mid-thigh make her look really weird.

The Wrestler’s Kid

Frank has spilled the beans to at least Boogie about who his dad is, even though they are kind of estranged. But his dad is tuning in all the time, apparently, so maybe this will bring them back together (no sarcasm, that’d be nice).

The Twist

Julie says the houseguests have no idea that America has been voting all week about the coaches entering the game. Um, yeah, except it’s all the houseguests can talk about on the live feeds. 

Of course “America voted” to let the coaches choose to enter the game or not, but the one interesting aspect is that if they choose to enter the game, the game resets and there is no eviction tonight, everybody plays for HOH. If they choose not to, it remains the same except next week, some houseguests (plural) will enter the game. Hmmm.

They get to vote one at a time, but it only takes one coach to say he or she will enter the game to put them all into the game. Well, duh. Of course Boogie is going to vote to enter the game. He doesn’t lose Frank AND he doesn’t care about houseguests re-entering the game because he doesn’t have any gone.

Shockingly, Britney hits the reset button but Boogie does not. Huh. Dan hits the button, then Janelle does too. Wow, that was surprising.

The Head of Household Competition

If you want to follow along with the HOH competition, check out our live blog of the competition or sign up for a three-day free trial of the live feeds to watch for yourself.

The competition is pirate-themed, which is great. The houseguests are on tiny plans on the side of a giant ship with a handrail to hold on to. So it may favor the smaller of foot. Also, naturally the pirate ship moves and tilts. This really is quite the set-up, way to go challenge designers.

Who do you think is going to win, BB fans?

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