ian shane big brther 141 'Big Brother 14': The new Head of Household is ...The “Big Brother 14” new Head of Household competition was not an endurance comp, but it did take place Thursday night (Sept. 6) behind trivia on the live feeds. Find out who won, or sign up for the feeds to watch this week play out.

The adorable little weirdo Ian has suddenly become a challenge monster, as he is the new HOH. The house is kind of on edge because they know what a threat he is to win the game, so this was not the ideal situation. But he now can no longer play in the Final 4 HOH, so there is that.

As for nominations, he knows Jenn is going up. He was talking to Dan about it being Dan and Jenn on the block, his reasoning being if he nominates Jenn and one of Shane/Danielle, and the other of Shane/Danielle wins POV, then they’re both safe this week (because POV winner would take the other off the block) and then Dan and Jenn are up on the block anyway.

But Dan doesn’t like that plan. He’s pretty much gunning for his Final 3 of himself, Jenn and Danielle, because he knows that’s his best shot at winning. So he has Ian convinced it should be Jenn and Shane, plus Shane (the big doofus, god bless ‘im) has pretty much volunteered to be the other person on the block opposite Jenn.

It really doesn’t matter that much — POV is everything this week, everyone plays from here on out. But Jenn is everybody’s target (except Dan’s), so she needs to be fighting hard. We wonder if she knows just how hard.

We’ll be back later today with the official nominations, you never know if they’ll change.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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