janelles team big brother 14 'Big Brother 14': The new Head of Household is ...OK, “Big Brother 14” fans, I missed the first 10 minutes of the first live eviction episode, but I came in just as Britney was revealing to Russell that she thinks the coaches are entering the game, which got his wheels spinning.

The House Meeting

The coaches are not happy about being excluded, but tough cookies. Meanwhile, Willie is trying to get the newbies to stay strong because he thinks the coaches will band together if they join the game. The actual meeting on the live feeds was much longer and more involved than what we were shown on the CBS show.

And in the wake of the meeting, Willie imitates Wil saying he’s taking a 24-hour break from the game, and Frank runs to Joe and Jenn and says Willie was mocking Wil, which Joe takes as a huge deal. He runs to tell Wil and it becomes a huge fight. Wil is the one tossing around “gay slurs,” but we’ve heard people in the house making fun of Willie’s accent and we honestly think that’s all it was.

I am not Willie’s biggest fan, but I think in this case it has nothing to do with being gay bashing or homophobic or anything. I think he was straight-up imitating what Wil said in the meeting, which is what someone would do if they were going to imitate Willie’s Southern twang.

Which leads to a huge, huge fight between Willie and Frank in the backyard. It’s really kind of stupid. I am very sensitive to people being mean or whatever, but in this case, a tiny thing got really blown out of proportion.

The Live Eviction

Frank gets all up on his “bullying” pedastal, which — Willie isn’t being a bully so much as he is trying to play too hard, too fast. He wanted the newbies to eschew the coaches. Big deal.

The votes go Danielle evicts Frank, Shane evicts Frank, Joe evicts Kara, Ian evicts Kara, JoJo evicts Frank, Jenn evicts Kara, Wil evicts Kara and Ashley evicts … Kara. Bummer. We were rooting for the tie-breaker.

Kara’s pretty boring in the house, though. So this is probably better to keep things interesting. Case in point — her exit interview is totally boring. In typical Joe fashion, he yells his goodbye message. Seriously, is he hearing impaired? Why is he yelling all the time?

Love how Julie points out “even Hugh Hefner” tweeted support for Kara. Um, because she was a Playmate of the Year, Julie. Forgot to mention that, for people who don’t know. Not that Hef is just a random “Big Brother” fans.

The HOH Comp

The hamsters were shown video clips all night long of a cat burglar who came in and fiddled around with their stuff, including drinking the milk from the carton. Ew. But now the hamsters answer questions based on what the burglar did in the videos.

The competition quickly comes down to Wil and Frank, wow. They tie twice (one wrong, one right), then Frank wins HOH. Wow. Ashley and Wil may regret keeping him around.

The Twist

The coach that wins this week’s Coaches Comp will get an even bigger decision — coaches can either keep one of their players safe or they can choose to trade one of their players for another coach’s player and everyone is eligible to be traded except HOH.

Hmmm. Do you think any of the coaches will trade?
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