kara big brother live feeds 'Big Brother 14': The newbies are over the coaches twistSPOILER ALERT: Live feed talk, so don’t keep reading if you don’t want to be spoiled.

The “Big Brother 14” live feeds finally got interesting Tuesday (July 17), so sign up for the live feeds%name 'Big Brother 14': The newbies are over the coaches twist and start following along if you haven’t yet.

But anyway, HOH Willie called a house meeting for the newbies wherein he informed them that the Coaches could potentially come into the game, and that they are pushing their own agendas, so it’s time for the newbies to stop caring about their coaches and play their own games.

He called them sheep and got everybody to agree to stop making deals through their coaches. It’s unclear exactly what the repercussions of said meeting will be, but it has already occurred to some people that if they are no longer caring about coaches, there is no reason to target Dan’s players and therefore Kara might be the one to keep this week.

Plus, not every newbie is on board, despite how the meeting may have made it look.

After the meeting, Joe ran straight to Janelle to tell her what the noobs talked about. They agree Willie is dangerous and he needs to go after this week. They also think they need to get Frank out this week.

Meanwhile, Willie and Shane and Britney are still holding strong (Britney new all about the meeting, whereas no other coaches did) and they want to bring in JoJo, Ashley and Frank in a five-person alliance.

So now it’s more like Britney vs. Janelle than Team BJ. Meanwhile, Kara, Danielle, Jenn and Ian continue to be just hanging out for this week. They have been almost non-existent when it comes to game play.

Let’s dissect the votes — Shane and probably Ashley are voting to evict Kara. Joe, Danielle and Wil are going to vote to evict Frank, it looks like. Which leaves Ian, Jenn and JoJo up in the air. Is JoJo going to go with her “team”? She has told Kara she knows it’s in her best interest to keep Kara and evict Frank, but will she go against Willie and Shane? And do you guys think Jenn and Ian will vote Frank out? Will they go against their team and vote out Frank?

They should — it’s not $100,000 for them if one of Boogie’s team members wins. And Frank is a huge threat. But we don’t know.

What do you think, hamster fans?

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