big brother 14 pov week one 'Big Brother 14': Things get sudsy but the house remains calm“Big Brother 14” picks up with Willie’s nominations. Dan is convincing Kara she’s not going home, but he’s acting kind of like a used car salesman. Meanwhile, Boogie is posturing that you don’t lie to him in the BB house. You don’t lie to some old-as-dirt guy clinging to something that wasn’t even that cool 10 years ago and who rode the coattails of an honest-to-God good player all the way to the end? Got it. Also, Jenn calls him “Boogs.” *snort*

Janelle and Britney are pretty self-congratulatory about their manipulation of their players and going after Dan and Boogie so hard core, which has not escaped Dan and Boogie’s attention. Of course, all of this has really focused on the damn coaches, like any of us care who wins $100K. Seriously, is it just us? Or would you rather follow along more with the actual players?

The Tri-Weekly Ian is a Weirdo Segment

Ian can kick himself in the head. He is trying so hard to be liked, it’s really kind of sad. Just be yourself, kiddo. And stop randomly hanging out in the bathroom while the girls shower.

The Power of Veto Comp

Willie, Kara, Frank, Danielle, Shane and Wil are playing. But before the comp, Boogie wants to take Britney’s temperature — because yet again, the narrative is that this is all about the stupid coaches. He then goes to Janelle and sells Dan up the river, which Janelle promptly tells Dan. Do any people live in this house other than those four?

There is a small aside where JoJo says she and her girlfriends make these funny videos where they act like “tacky, Italian, New York housewives.” Um, “act”? And then when the POV scene is revealed, she implies that she … launders money for the mob, maybe? Uh huh.

Finally it’s POV time. They are searching suds for giant coins and them throwing them into vending machines. Nobody can seem to do very well at the throwing part except Shane and he eventually wins.

The Power of Veto Ceremony

There really isn’t much suspense, right? Shane’s not going to change his teammate’s nominees. Not in Week 1. Shane acts like he’s open to some deals, but it just doesn’t feel like he’ll do it. It wouldn’t really behoove hm at this point to make his whole team mad at him.

And then he doesn’t use it. No kidding. Kind of a boring episode of “Big Brother” tonight. But we can tease that tomorrow’s night episode should be great, based on a house meeting and a huge fight that you can read about here, if you’re curious.

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