frank danielle big brother 14 'Big Brother 14': Week 4 Power of Veto competition resultsFrom the preliminary chatter in the “Big Brother 14” house following the Power of Veto situation, we’ve sussed out some of the POV results — it was one of the good things/bad things end up being bestowed on the houseguests competitions. The feeds should be interesting this week to see all the punishments/rewards play out.

The players were Danielle, Wil and Frank (the HOH and nominees) and Ian, Jenn and Shane. Danielle won the POV and it sounds like Frank has to wear a “spirit-tard” for the week. There was also $5000 and a vacation, that we’ve heard people talk about, but we don’t know who took what.

After the competition, Britney, Janelle and Danielle celebrated in the storage room about getting that “ogre” out (Frank), while Frank and Boogie kind of pouted in the arcade room.

We can’t imagine Danielle will remove one of her noms. Certainly not Frank. Mayyyyybe Wil, to show him she trusts him? But we highly doubt it.

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UPDATE: It sounds like Jenn won the trip and Ian could’ve taken it from her, but he didn’t because he thinks the prizes should get spread around. He’s seriously such a nice guy.

UPDATE II: The POV involved throwing things and it sounds like it came down to Danielle and Frank at the end. It also sounds like Frank was smack-talking her, telling her just to give up and take the trip or the $5000.

UPDATE III: Shane won a Veto ticket, maybe. Which means he can insert himself into any future Veto comp? We can’t remember exactly. Can he use it to put someone else into a Veto comp?

UPDATE IV: Sounds like it goes Danielle POV, Frank spiritard, Jenn trip to Hawaii, Ian has to eat out of a dog dish, Shane Veto ticket and Wil $5000.

UPDATE V: Ian has to sleep in a dog kennel for 24 hours and if he wants out for food/bathroom, he has to be taken by someone on a leash. Heh.

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