boogie dan big brother 14 'Big Brother 14': Week 6 HOH nominations are inThe new Head of Household in the “Big Brother 14” house has put in his or her nominations for the week — keep reading to find out who got put up. Or sign up for the live feeds to watch every minute, because the feeds should be pretty great this week.

So Shane won the fill-your-jug HOH competition and in a nice move, he put Frank and Boogie on the block up against each other. Frank and Boogie were completely blindsided by the nominations and immediately came up to the HOH room to ream Shane.

They act so innocent, like they were Silent Six to the end. Uh huh. Like they weren’t thinking about Dan or Shane out last week. And it’s Frank’s big mistake for not making a bigger game move. Joe vs. Wil? Really?

Frank and Boogie’s big argument is that Britney is clouding Shane’s judgment and ruling his game and only thinking about herself. Well sure, getting Frank or Boogie out is advantageous for Britney. But it’s also advantageous for Shane. It’s actually a huge plus for anybody in the house.

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Frank actually says Britney is in the Diary Room right now gloating about how this might as well be her HOH. Um, just like Boogie could’ve done last week, you puppet? Frank wanted to backdoor Dan, which would’ve been a huge move, and Boogie talked him out of it. He talked him into kind of wasting his HOH. And then when Frank couldn’t play for HOH, Boogie bailed on him for $10,000. Think about that for a second.

So the “plan” is that they can “fix this” by having one of Frank, Boogie or Shane win Power of Veto and then take one of them off the block and send (the complete non-threat) Joe out the door. Boogie is really slick talking Shane — “we’re not mad, let’s fix this, you got discovered in a magazine, you don’t know the game very well” blah blah blah.

Then Frank and Boogie start speaking in stereo about how Britney doesn’t want to be Brigade-d again. Well, yeah, but Shane could be Brigade’d too. Frank and Boogie are not his bros.

It remains to be seen if Shane has fallen for it. He’s such a goldfish — no memory of anything and it’s like the last person who talks to him wins. But we feel like this is the Quack Pack’s plan all along (including having Ian’s key come out last to throw off suspicion) and perhaps Shane is just paying them lip service. Hmmm.

It’ll be verrrrry interesting to see who wins Veto. What do you think, hamster fans?

UPDATE: After Frank and Boogie left the HOH room, Britney came up and Shane told her absolutely everything about what he said. He assured her he’s sticking to her guns, and she appreciates that, but she’s not excited that she’s receiving all the blame for their nominations. Which is fair, but Shane had to just go along with what F&B were spewing or they would’ve been mad and/or suspicious. They were coming at Shane pretty hard.

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Britney doesn’t love it that she was given some of the blame, but she also understands and tells Shane that it’s his game. He needs to do what’s best for him. Shane gallantly insists he wants to protect his coach, which is kind of adorable.

UPDATE II: Crazypants Boogie is saying to Frank and Ian that he’s going to be “pokey” at Britney this week. He insists he “won’t start” it, but if she looks at him, makes eye contact, even looks in his direction, he’ll get after her. Yeah, that doesn’t sound like “starting” anything. How old is Boogie again? Seriously. The vitriol against Britney coming from him and Frank is kind of gross.

: Britney tries to talk to Frank and Boogie, wondering why all the blame lies with her, and Boogie just tells her to save it and calls her “baby” and “sweetheart” and is a real effing pig. She should not have even tried to talk to them because Boogie’s a pouty baby and needs a woman to blame because he kind of hates/feels threatened by women.

It really seems like what is the heart of Frank and Boogie’s problem is that they got got before they could do it to somebody else in their alliance. Somebody beat them to the punch and they’re being whiny babies about it.

UPDATE IV: Britney’s confrontation with Frank and Boogie (which was really dumb to do in the first place) just got her riled up and she took it out on Shane for throwing her under the bus. She has a point, but so does he — in that HOH room, Frank and Boogie were winding him up and being very aggressive and he just kind of went along with it. Britney is taking 100% of the blame for their nominations, but that has a lot more to do with Boogie’s personal issues than it does Shane being kind of mealy-mouthed about who influenced his nominations. In fact, even if Shane hadn’t said a peep about Britney, we think chances are good Boogie would’ve blamed her anyway.

Both Britney and Shane are being kind of insane right now, but the live feeds have been more exciting tonight than they have in weeks.

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