jenn dan big brother 14 'Big Brother 14': Week 6 Power of Veto ceremony resultsThe “Big Brother 14” Power of Veto ceremony for this week has taken place — keep reading to find out who won POV and if he or she used it. Or sign up for the live feeds and watch the fallout yourself.

After Frank and Boogie got nominated by HOH Shane, Frank won the Power of Veto. Naturally, Frank used the POV to take himself off. The only question was if Shane was going to backdoor Dan (which Froogie was pushing hard for) or nominate a pawn against Boogie.

Shane chose to nominate a pawn — Jenn. She’s upset, which is interesting. Being on the block is never great, but somebody had to go up and she has to see that she’s the pawn and Boogie is the target.

Unfortunately, it’s against the rules to tell someone they’re going up on the block, so Shane hasn’t gotten to explain to her that she had to go up because she’s a vote for Boogie to stay, but that she’s completely safe this week (and she should be). It would be colossally stupid for the hamsters to keep Boogie over Jenn. But with this season, you never know.

When Shane finally does get to explain, Jenn argues that they haven’t been playing in teams for awhile, but Shane assures her that someone who is a way bigger threat than she is is on the block. He also says it had to be her over Ian because Boogie will find it harder to campaign against Jenn, since Boogie kind of slams Ian behind his back all the time.

Meanwhile, Boogie is super mad that his backdoor Dan plan didn’t take with Shane. He says to Frank after the POV, “I gotta calm down before I interact with these motherf***ers.” It’s kind of funny that Boogie thinks he could’ve helped Shane so much. Why is Boogie a better ally than Dan? It really seems that any argument for keeping Boogie also applies to Dan, and any argument for getting rid of Boogie also applies to Dan. It’s just that Boogie’s mad that he got got before he could turn on Dan and Shane.

Now, over the weekend, the hamsters got a big ol’ Pandora’s Box clue in the arcade room in the form of a plastic box with a question mark on it in the claw machine. We speculate that that will show itself this week — do you think it will? Throw a twist in before Thursday’s show?

We hope not, because Boogie needs to hit the bricks. What do you think, hamster fans?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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