big-brother-14-first-POV.jpgSPOILER ALERT: Don’t keep reading if you don’t want to know what’s been happening on the live feeds, which you can sign up for%name 'Big Brother 14': Who is going home week one? if you want to stay up to date on the latest “Big Brother” happenings.

The tides can change daily (oftentimes several times in one day) in the “Big Brother” house and this season’s hamsters are no exception. In case you don’t know, HOH Willie nominated Frank and Kara for eviction.

At first, Willie wanted Kara out, but his coach Britney and her new BFF Janelle were adamant that they gun for Frank. Shane won the Power of Veto, which is the best possible outcome for Willie other than him winning it himself, and it looked like Britney had convinced Willie that Frank is a bigger threat in competitions and needs to leave.

Meanwhile, Britney and Janelle are working their own agenda — they have been speculating that the coaches will be allowed to enter the game as players at some point and that they need to get Boogie out of the house (by eliminating his team) before that happens. Frank is on Boogie’s team.

However, Friday night (July 13), the tides turned because suddenly B and J decided that Dan is a way bigger threat to them and therefore Kara needs to go. So, B, J and Willie have all decided now that Kara is the one heading home.

A lot can happen between Saturday and Thursday’s live eviction, though. We don’t see Shane using the POV, not unless Kara really works some magic on him between now and the POV ceremony (which might be today).

Do you agree with B and J’s assessment that Dan is a bigger threat? We think they are making that leap too early, frankly. Dan’s team is weak and probably won’t be winning many competitions, but Boogie’s team is pretty strong (Frank, Jenn and Ian). Frank is physical, Jenn’s not terrible and she’s sharp, and Ian will be good at mental challenges.

Plus, Boogie is going to be a bigger threat early on as someone who will wage psychological warfare on Britney and Janelle’s team members. He’s kind of a skunk like that. Dan is way too nice to personally attack their team members. Dan may be a threat to win later in the game, but we think they should still gun for Frank and worry about Dan later.

What do you think, hamster fans? Check back here later for POV ceremony results. And you can still sign up for the live feeds%name 'Big Brother 14': Who is going home week one? if you want to follow along yourself with the hamsters.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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